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Unearth the Diverse Bookshops of Lyon

Unearth the Diverse Bookshops of Lyon

Lyon is the proud mother of a thriving literary community. Whether you are simply here for a visit or are in Lyon for an extended stay, you will have no issue finding a librairie that makes you feel like a kid in a candy store.

Welcome to Le Teil, an Urban Utopia near Lyon

Our French contributor Marc Uhry has recently been involved in working on a project aimed at regenerating the town of Le Teil in the Ardèche. This once thriving medieval town just an hour and a half drive from Lyon, has introduced a range of strategies to rebuild its economy through its unique culture and a through the solidarity of its residents

Escaping the canicule: electric fat biking in Samoens

Braving to the hills, electric fat biking in Samoens   When Bertrand Morretton first set his eyes on mountain bikers in Les Gets at the age of 13, he decided then and there; ‘ this is for me…’ His mother had taken him on a trip from Lyon to the resort in the heart if […]