Rémy: Franco-American drummer living in Lyon

“Lyon is a beautiful city with great energy” First a short sentence to introduce yourself with your name, age, familiy, country of origin, job, centres of interest Hi; My name is Rémy Kaprielan. I’m 39 years old. Happily married and father of two. I was born in France. My mom is American and my father’s […]

Lost in Lyon: Bonjour, Bonsoir and Everything In-Between

Halfway across the world in Sydney, Australia, lies my little home… but here in Lyon lies my heart! I’m Celeste, a 21-year old student studying at Lyon Lumiere II for 2017, and I enjoy making cheesy jokes (see above) and eating cheesy bread. ‘Lost in Lyon’ details my fails at French and my adventures from […]

Why the Virgin Mary was a Genius

An Average Individual contemplates Fourvière and the Virgin Mary with her friend George. My friend George loves the Virgin Mary. He thinks she looks very pleasant, caring, sexy, in a mother-sexy kind of way. He also thinks her name is genius. The Virgin Mary. It’s a reminder to strive to be something you’re probably not. Like […]

What We Say When We Say Sorry

A scream follows a thud. Then the crying comes. I step into the room and observe today’s carnage. I sport three titles today, as parents do the world over – criminal investigator, referee and arse-kicking prosecutor with washing-up gloves on. One kid – Kid B – is flat on the floor, whimpering. Kid A is […]

Expat of the week: Jessica, 33, from UK

Every week, This Is Lyon interviews a member of the English speaking community.     “In Lyon, each neighbourhood seems to have its own unique identity”   Hi Jessica, where are you from and what are you doing nowadays? I’m from Brighton in the UK and I’ve been living in Lyon for the last 9 years. […]

Lyon, a city of peace, love and understanding.

Hi, I’m Simon, I grew up in Yorkshire, England before embarking on a life of a wandering singing troubadour across lands far and wide before laying my hat in Lyon 10 years ago to write my book “How to almost make a living as a musician”. I’ll be your friendly guide bringing you sound advice […]

The faces you see in Museums

Our English contributor Martin is reviewing the exhibition of Matisse’s drawings at the Musee des Beaux Arts of Lyon. A story of famous bearded faces.   The other day, I went down to see the exhibition of Matisse’s drawings at the Musee des Beaux Arts of Lyon (2 December 2016 – 6 March 2017). So […]