Traveling Outside of Lyon: Barcelona

Published: 2019/10/21
Anyone who knows about traveling knows that everyone has a different idea of what vacation means for them. Some people prefer the beach to relax with a drink, others want adventures to get their adrenaline pumping. But what do you do with a group of people who all want different things? That is where Barcelona will be your best friend. From beaches, cliff diving, to cozy restaurants, and nightclubs, Barcelona has it for every group that wants it all.


Last time, I thought I was going out of my comfort zone by traveling to the south of France for a day trip. This time, it’s a new country.

I am one who prefers to go with the flow and is down to explore or just relax, and honestly Barcelona was perfect for everything, and leaves you wanting more.

Even though I was only there for a quick weekend, here are a few ideas and recommendations to try if you are wanting to travel down south to Barcelona, Spain.

How to go Barcelona from Lyon

Before anything, you have to get to your destination first. Since Barcelona is pretty far from Lyon, there are a few options to choose from.

Taking an airplane will be the fastest, and renting a car the cheapest, I recommend taking the bus overall. We decided to take an overnight bus to Barcelona. It made the time go by much quicker, and you still get to catch up on some sleep.

Another plus, if you are leaving from Perrache, the buses are always on time and our bus drivers to and from were super helpful and nice with anything we needed. They were careful with luggage and very organized with their procedures.

Barcelona, general view

Global view of Barcelona, Spain. © Samatha Vetrick

Yes, it was a long bus ride, but if you are with the people you care about, enjoy your sleep, and like saving money, the bus will be the best mode of transportation for you.

Gaudi’s architecture in Barcelona

When traveling anywhere, there will be lots to see and do. When it came to Barcelona, you really have to pick and choose because it has a lot to offer.

Barcelona's La Sagrada Familia

Gaudi’s La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona © Samatha Vetrick

Just by walking the streets, you will come across countless things to keep you engaged and entertained. One item in particular is the architecture. Barcelona is highly influenced by Antoni Gaudi, a spanish architect.

Some of his famous buildings can be seen all throughout the city, most, if not all, have been turned into museums. Two of the most popular include La Sagrada Familia and La Pedrera. La Sagrada Familia is Guadi’s biggest project, literally.

Barcelona's La Pedreda

La Pedreda © Samatha Vetrick

When finished, the central tower will reach approximately 170 meters, or 557 feet tall, one of the largest Cathedrals in all of Europe. La Pedrera was built in the early 1900’s as a home for different tenants, but as can be seen, it isn’t a normal style to come upon.

Today, you can tour the inside as well as the roof to discover the history behind La Pedrera and about the individuals who lived there. If you are a foodie, then check out La Boqueria. This is Barcelona’s largest food market.

What to eat in Barcelona?

Filled with food from all over the world, this market will make you never want to leave. Every corner and booth has something new. From fruit cups to crabs still trying to pinch you, this market has it all.

Speaking of food, Barcelona will satisfy all your taste buds with its variety of different styles. On every street and around every corner, you will find a different restaurant. One in particular, El Salón, has something for everyone for a reasonable price.

Barcelona's food market

Barcelona food market © Samatha Vetrick


The small restaurant allows you to come into the culture by either sitting inside the homey decorated salon, or outside where you can talk with locals and admire the rustic architecture of the buildings and cobblestoned streets. From Duck Confit to Swordfish, El Salón will have you wanting more from the exquisite and delicious meals and ambiance.

Blood Pumping Adventure in Barcelona

If you’re more of an adventure seeker that doesn’t mind cuts, bruises, dizzying heights, and sea creatures, then taking an excursion is right up your alley.

During my visit, I had the chance to take up a three part excursion on the coast of Costa Brava. Within a small group, you’ll go kayak racing, discover a variety of cliffs to dive off of, and then snorkeling with the small habitants that live and swim below you.

If you would prefer to look out over the city, there are countless parks to visit, if you’re up for a hike. Turó de Putxet gardens​ will definitely make you fall in love with Barcelona even more.

The calf burning trek takes you to the top of a scenic outlook, where the gigantic city doesn’t look as intimidating anymore.



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