Neighbourhoods of Lyon: the 9 Districts

Lyon is the second largest city in France

1.2 million people spanning 55 000 hectares. This is Lyon in 2017.

The Rhône department of which Lyon is the capital is part of the region of Rhône-Alpes. Two rivers ow through the city. They are the Rhône and the Saone.

Lyon is situated at 250 meters above the hilltop of Croix-Rousse and 300 meters above the hilltop of Fourvière and 165 meters downtown. Lyon is a very pleasant city to live in and of human scale. It has everything that a big city offers in regards to cultural life, sports, tourism, nightlife but it remains very friendly with its neighborhoods which resemble a small village atmosphere. It is very easy to get out of the city and in a short time span, you can reach the countryside. It is a great place to live in!

From Lyon Expat

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