Learning French in Lyon

A list of establishments in Lyon that offer general French classes for non-native speakers.

Whether you’re a student or an expatriate, moving to a new country can be just as nerve-wracking as it is exciting. Once you’ve got the job or been accepted into that school, you’ve got your paperwork in order, you’ve figured out your accommodation, there’s just one more thing left: language.
In fact, it is probably one of the most important elements when moving to a foreign country: how are you going to communicate?
If you’re lucky, you’ve already had a few language courses and can order your daily baguette no problem. If not, don’t panic! This Is Lyon has got your back with a list of people who can help you get your French to where you want it.

No matter the area you live in, your age, your budget, your level, your objectives: here are 18 establishments where non-native speakers can take French classes.


There you have it.
A wide variety of language class organizations, as an individual or in groups, teaching methods and good school offers, whether it’s for a short amount of time like a day, a week, a semester, a year or more.
The options are endless to learn French, prepare exams such as the DELF/DALF, improve some already-acquired language or writing skills or take courses to get to know and understand the culture. You can even find offers for accommodation and host families!

With this list, you can start your new life in Lyon with a full French integration: no more excuses! Go experience your best life as a true, local “français”!

Happy learning!