Editor’s choice: Top Things to Do in Lyon


Le Jardin Rosa Mir

A hidden courtyard of seashell art! The Rosa Mir Garden is a small, courtyard garden built by a mason and self-taught artist in Lyon. Tips and Opening Hours

Lugdunum: Museum of Gallo-Roman Civilisation in Lyon

The Museum of Gallo-Roman Civilisation astounds the visitor with its avant-garde architecture and carefully-chosen exhibits, nudging you to uncover more of what Lyon’s Roman, Gaul and Celtic forebears got up to.

After works in Lyon

Apéros and Terraces in Lyon

Although, the concept of apéro lies on the principle of spontaneity, it’s always good to have some spots that you know are trustworthy.

Provocative art in Lyon - Abode of chaos

La Demeure du Chaos or The Abode of Chaos

If you’re looking for a quirky kind of destruction and you’re not squeamish, tootle on up the river Saône. It’s sure to engrave itself on your mind a while.