Editor's choice: Top Things to Do in Lyon

Top Things To Do In Lyon In November 2019

This November in Lyon is brimming with cultural events and opportunities to experience the best that the city has to offer

5 Reasons to Visit Lyon’s International City of Gastronomy

The International City of Gastronomy is the new tourist attraction of Lyon dedicated squarely at food, health and gastronomy in the Grand Hotel Dieu.

Screening at the Halle Tony Garnier in Lyon

10 Things To Do in Lyon in October 2019

Lyon is rich in culture, and here is a list of 10 things the city offers in October that you probably wouldn’t be able to do anywhere else.

What to Do in Lyon In June 2019?

Find the information for the coolest events in Lyon this June 2019.

Top Things To Do In Lyon in May 2019

In Lyon, May also means long weekends due to bank holidays and lots to do.

Top Things To Do in Lyon in April 2019

You don’t need to wait until summer to have fun outdoors in Lyon.

What to Check Out in Lyon in March 2019

There’s lots to do in March in Lyon to take advantage of the happy, spring weather:

What to do in Lyon in February 2019

Not sure what to do in Lyon this February? Let us sort that out for you!

What To Do In Lyon in January 2019

A great selection to avoid post-Christmas blues.

The Best Things to Do in Lyon in December 2018

How to spend a great December in Lyon

15 Cool Things to Do in Lyon in November 2018

No chance of getting bored in Lyon in November 2018

Top Things To Do In Lyon in October 2018

No chance of getting bored in Lyon in October 2018

What To Do In September 2018 in Lyon

No chance of getting bored in Lyon in September 2018

Chocolate lipstick: souvenir to bring back from Lyon

Original gift ideas

Where to find in Lyon some nice presents to put in your suitcase?

Summer in Lyon: What to Do in Lyon in July and August 2018

It’s summer in full swing with fireworks and swimming.

Top Things To Do In Lyon In June 2018

Two of the year’s biggest music festivals, plus U.S. football, French bande-dessinée, and so much more.

This is the Sound of Lyon (vol.#2): Listen to the Best Music from Lyon in Video

A selection of artists from Lyon and their latest creations.

Things to Do in Lyon in May 2018

From fancy nights to muddy days and everything in between.

Travel Guide to Discover the Lyon Gay Scene

All the gay bars, nightclubs and saunas in Lyon.

Ten Events You Cannot Miss in 2018 in Lyon

2018 will be very festive in Lyon with many sports events, exhibitions and an extended electro music festival.

10 Things You Don’t Know About the British and Lyon

Drinking French wine and breaking French bridges since 1189.

Top Things to Do in Lyon in January

How to start 2018 in Lyon…

Cool Things to Do in Lyon For Christmas

Here’s a list of 10 fun things to do friends and families can do to keep the holiday spirit alive.

lyon ferris wheel bellecour fête des lumiere

Top Things to Do in Lyon during the Festival of Lights 2017

Cool guided tours, Christmas markets, great concerts, Ferris wheel ride…

How to visit Lyon in a different way

5 Unusual Guided Tours To Visit Lyon

Art Exhibitions You Can’t Miss during Lyon’s Festival of Lights

Five museums and exhibitions to discover in Lyon’s museums in December.

10 Things To do in Lyon in November 2017

Beaujolais Nouveau release party, Chocolate show, silk festival, comedy in English…

10 (Scary) Things to Do for Halloween in Lyon

Halloween is a good reason for kids to ask for candies, teenagers (and young adults) to go party and for parents to spend money…

Paul Taylor talks to This Is Lyon

British stand-up comedian Paul Taylor performs his show #Franglais on Thursday, October 12th at the Tobbogan in Décines near Lyon

10 Cool Things to Do in October in Lyon

Here’s 10 cool events you cannot miss this October in Lyon to overcome early fall blues

The Rabbit Hole: a play with English subtitles at Lyon’s Célestins Theatre

Julie Gayet is back with a terribly moving story, masterfully adapted to the stage by Claudia Stavisky, about how a family deals with the loss of a 4 year-old boy.

Swimming in Lyon and nearby

Where to swim in Lyon and around Lyon? Here’s a selection of swimming pools, aquatic parks and natural sites to enjoy with friends and families.

What to do in Lyon in August

Lyon in August for summer fun in the city with music, sport, parks, clubbing and eating outdoors.

What to do in Lyon in July?

Here’s 10 insider tips on what locals usually do in July in Lyon. Best places for swimming, have an ice cream, or for an “apero” with a panoramic view. Follow us…

This Is The Sound of Lyon (vol.#1)

This is Lyon selected 25 local current artists who are worth lending an ear to them.

10 Cool Things To Do In Lyon in May

Concerts, exhibits, festivals, food events, May looks pretty much like a preview of the summer season in Lyon. Here’s a list of events you cannot miss.

Video: My 5 picks for Nuits Sonores 2017

Here are the five artists I can’t wait to see at the Nuits Sonores music Festival in Lyon (23-28 May). By Ana Victoria Torres

A closer look at the Nuits Sonores music festival

The Nuits Sonores, 2017 night program, was recently revealed, allowing music lovers to explore what this 15th-anniversary edition has to offer.

When Lyon becomes the European Capital of Crime

The Quais du Polar which takes place every year in Lyon (Friday March 31st to Sunday April 2nd 2017) is an internationally recognised festival which brings together celebrated authors from around the world

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