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Swimming in Lyon and nearby

Where to swim in Lyon and around Lyon? Here’s a selection of swimming pools, aquatic parks and natural sites to enjoy with friends and families.

What to do in Lyon in August

Lyon in August for summer fun in the city with music, sport, parks, clubbing and eating outdoors.

What to do in Lyon in July?

Here’s 10 insider tips on what locals usually do in July in Lyon. Best places for swimming, have an ice cream, or for an “apero” with a panoramic view. Follow us…

This Is The Sound of Lyon (vol.#1)

This is Lyon selected 25 local current artists who are worth lending an ear to them.

10 Cool Things To Do In Lyon in May

Concerts, exhibits, festivals, food events, May looks pretty much like a preview of the summer season in Lyon. Here’s a list of events you cannot miss.

Video: My 5 picks for Nuits Sonores 2017

Here are the five artists I can’t wait to see at the Nuits Sonores music Festival in Lyon (23-28 May). By Ana Victoria Torres

A closer look at the Nuits Sonores music festival

The Nuits Sonores, 2017 night program, was recently revealed, allowing music lovers to explore what this 15th-anniversary edition has to offer.

When Lyon becomes the European Capital of Crime

The Quais du Polar which takes place every year in Lyon (Friday March 31st to Sunday April 2nd 2017) is an internationally recognised festival which brings together celebrated authors from around the world

Original gift ideas

Where to find in Lyon some nice presents to put in your suitcase?