Food in Lyon

Lyon has a tremendous selection of restaurants including the Michelin three-star rated Paul Bocuse L’Auberge du Pont de Collonges and many typical French brasseries like Brasserie Georges and Brasserie Brotteaux. There are traditional local restaurants, “Bouchons”, like Café Comptoir Abel and plenty of places offering dishes with a more international flavour.
Lyon is the gastronomical capital of France and its restaurants are some of the finest to be found anywhere. Mère Brazier, Le Grand Café des Négociants and L’Auberge de l’ile Barbe are just a few of Lyon’s emblematic restaurants.


Gourmet Food

Lyon is home to several restaurants which have been awarded stars by the celebrated Michelin guide. There is the legend that is Paul Bocuse, recipient of 3 stars for the last 50 years but one can also dine at two star restaurants La Mère Brazier and Neuvième Art and also at around a dozen other one star restaurants.

Local specialities

Red chequered table cloths, bottle of wine on the table, pork on your plate and a warm inviting atmosphere… must surely be at a “bouchon”, a typical Lyon restaurant which treats both locals and tourists to typical dishes such as head of veal, sausage loaf or a cheese dip named “brain of a silk worker”!


A “diner” or “brasserie” generally refers to a style of daily restaurant which is fairly large in size and where one can eat in less time. Just once in your lifetime you must eat at the Brasserie Georges, a place full of history or at Brasserie des Brotteaux, another establishment in existence for over a hundred years.
Local food celebrity Paul Bocuse himself has opened several brasseries which are more affordable than his signature gastronomic restaurant.


The communities of foreigners who have come to live in Lyon over the centuries have also brought with them their food and cuisine. Lyon is thus home to authentic Italian restaurants, exceptional Asian and Middle Eastern cuisine, Syrian food and even a one Michelin star Peruvian restaurant .

Street Food

The land of the traditional ham baguette or toasted sandwich has also made room for hamburgers, kebabs, indian wraps, Greek sandwiches and hot dogs…
In Lyon, we also eat with our fingers!


It’s not always easy to find vegetarian or vegan food in a city which adores meat in all its many forms! However, local chefs have taken this to task and there are now many places serving delicious and healthy vegetarian and vegan organic food.


It would take quite some time to talk about all the fabulous bakeries in Lyon considering there is one on every street corner, but This Is Lyon will take you to some of our favourite spots and to where our readers have discovered the best baguettes!

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