Lyon’s Historical places

Things to visit in Lyon: famous buildings to see

Feast your eyes on Saint Jean Cathedral, where Gothic meets Renaissance, wander through Europe’s biggest square in Bellecour, get lost in the Traboules, the secret passageways used by the silkworkers and the résistance, relive the Roman ruins dotted all over the city, gawp at the colourful murals, the colourful buildings so synonymous with the city, and contemplate Fourvière, the symbol of Lyon, built to honour the Virgin Mary who saved Lyon from the Black Death.

Lyon’s cultural heritage is a veritable jaw-dropper.

Take a map and be ready.

Best Monuments to See in Lyon, France

  1. The Traboules
  2. Lyon Cathedral
  3. Fourviere Basilica
  4. Grand Hotel Dieu
  5. Fresque des Lyonnais: Lyon painted wall