Published: 2019/05/24 by

Lyon’s Women just won a New Title

ASVEL Féminin just won the first title in their history and it’s something that needs to be celebrated.

International Electric Vehicle Symposium - Lyon, France May 2019
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#EVS32, Lyon at the center of mobility

The International Electric Vehicle Symposium is now in Lyon. Between keynote speeches and test drives, it is the perfect way to take part to the discussion about electric mobility.

Published: 2019/05/18 by

Lyon Féminin beat Barcelona Women to win Champions League final

Olympique Lyonnais win their fourth consecutive European title (4-1).

Published: 2019/05/17 by

Lyon’s Popularity Amongst International Travellers Continues to Soar

The number of train tickets to Lyon bought by international tourists over the Easter holidays increase by 59%, in comparison to the year before

women's football final phase in lyon
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The OL takes over the Women’s World Cup

Out of the 24 current players at the Olympique Lyonnais, we will be able to see 15 during the FIFA Women’s Football World Cup in the different qualified national teams.

Published: 2019/04/17 by

Lyon’s Rhônexpress Airport Shuttle Soon to Be Cheaper?

Lyon Metropole has announced its intention to renegotiate the contract for the Lyon airport shuttle in order to lower the prices.

Published: 2019/04/14 by

Is your child’s school polluted in Lyon?

More than half of Lyon’s schools are close to polluted zones, says Greenpeace.

Published: 2019/04/08 by

Lyon At the Heart of the FIFA Women’s Football World Cup

Olympique Lyonnais’ Groupama stadium will host the semi finals and finals in July 2019.

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Why Your Bins Won’t be Collected In and Around Lyon

Strike action has left some bins overflowing in and around Lyon for 14 days.

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The World of Robotics and AI is Coming to Lyon

SIDO convention explores the world of technology, and advances in Robotics, IoT and AI (10th and 11th April)

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Discover African Art at the Confluence Museum

Learn about some of Africa’s traditions and cultures by exploring its art at the Confluences museum.

Published: 2019/03/25 by

Vienne’s Jazz Festival Releases its 2019 Lineup

The Jazz à Vienne festival has brought together some of the best jazz artists since its founding in 1981

Ma Cimenterie 2019 Albigny Lyon ThisIsLyon
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“Ma Cimenterie” a New “Guinguette” on the Saône River

There will be food and drink in this former industrial complex a few minutes drive north from Lyon .

Published: 2019/03/17 by

A Vaulx Jazz Festival Returns

This superb music festival is returning for a new edition which is sure to be full of surprises and music-mixes.

Published: 2019/03/04 by

How to Celebrate Mardi Gras in Lyon

Celebrate Shrove Tuesday in Lyon with pancakes, beignets and partying.

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Lyon’s Biennale d’art contemporain Moves House

The 15th edition of Lyon’s contemporary art festival, the Biennale d’art contemporain, will take place in the abandoned factories of Lyon 7.

2019 Geneva International Motor Show
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The Automotive World meets at the Geneva Car Show

The event, opening its doors for the 89th time, showcases the most recent developments of the automotive industry.

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Lyon’s Mère Brazier Restaurant Named Best Enduring Classic in the World

The double Michelin-starred Lyon’s restaurant won their new award at this year’s World Restaurant Awards.

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A Song About Lyon… in Chinese

Dantès Dai Liang has released a song about Lyon and its beauty. What is interesting is that the song is written fully in Chinese.

Lyon's International City of Gastronomy: interior lay out and design by Casson Mann architects
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What to look forward to in the new Cité Internationale de la Gastronomie

Located in the Grand Hôtel-Dieu, it will showcase the history of the French Cuisine.

Published: 2019/01/28 by

2018: A Record Breaking Year For Lyon Saint-Exupéry Airport

Lyon’s Saint-Exupéry airport welcomed more passengers and freight than ever before.

Published: 2019/01/27 by

A Temporary Ice Rink Comes to Lyon’s Presqu’île

Until 2nd March 2019, Lyon’s Presqu’île is hosting a temporary ice rink, situated on Rue République, Rue Grolée and Rue Carnot.

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Lyon Bags 20 Michelin Stars in 2019

Amongst the 20 Michelin-starred restaurants in Lyon, three of them have two stars and one boasts three!

Published: 2019/01/20 by

Students- and Universities- in Uproar Over Increased International Fees

Lyon’s Lumière 2 University has stated that it will not increase international students’ fees, contrary to the government’s policy.

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Lyon, a Hot Spot for International Tourists in December

A report by has revealed that Lyon was France’s second most visited city by international tourists during Christmas 2018.

Published: 2019/01/15 by

Lyon Named the Top City to Visit in France

The New York Times ranked Lyon among the best places to visit in the world in 2019.

Published: 2018/12/28 by

Transport in Lyon is Changing From January

The speed limit on Lyon’s ring road will decrease to 70km/h, and TCL prices will be hiked.

Published: 2018/12/27 by

Bring in the New Year in style in Lyon

How to spend your New Year’s Eve in Lyon.

Published: 2018/12/22 by

Les Halles du Grand Hôtel-Dieu Have Opened

Get a taste of Les Halles de Paul Bocuse in the Presqu’île.

Published: 2018/12/21 by

Get your Skates on this Winter!

The best places to go ice skating in Lyon during the Christmas Holidays.


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