Celebrating the Culinary Art of Andouillette Bobosse at Les Puces du Canal in Lyon

Published: 2023/10/20
Sunday 22nd October, Les Puces du Canal transforms into a vibrant canvas painted with flavors, traditions, and the art of fine dining during the “Celebration of the Andouillette Bobosse.” This event is a golden ticket for locals and tourists seeking an authentic Lyonnaise experience, blending the allure of ancient artifacts with the irresistible aromas of traditional cuisine.


Celebrating traditionnal lyonnais cuisine in Lyon

A Day of Culinary Delight

The event promises a day where the art of dining is celebrated with grandeur.
Les Puces du Canal, renowned for its antique treasures, metamorphoses into a haven for food enthusiasts. Here, the air is filled with the warmth of tradition and the enticing scents of Lyonnaise gastronomy.
Visitors are invited to explore a curated selection of ancient objects, each telling a tale of dining elegance from epochs past.

The Rich Gastronomic Heritage of Charcuterie Bobosse

At the heart of this celebration is the legendary Charcuterie Bobosse, a name synonymous with Lyon’s gastronomic opulence. With a legacy woven into the fabric of Lyon’s culinary tapestry, Bobosse brings the famed “andouillette à la fraise de veau tirée à la ficelle,” a dish that dances between tradition and legend, to the tables of the best bouchon restaurants in Lyon.

Experiencing Authentic Lyon Gastronomy

The “Celebration of the Andouillette Bobosse” is an invitation to discover the authentic flavors of Lyon.
Partner restaurants at Les Puces du Canal will craft special menus that spotlight the exquisite products of Bobosse, offering a culinary ballet that guides the palate through the heart and soul of Lyon’s gastronomic tradition.

Program Highlights

The event unfolds as a tapestry of experiences, each thread weaving a part of Lyon’s rich culinary and cultural heritage.
From the early morning “Mâchon Lyonnais” to specialized exhibitions and sales under the canopy, the program is meticulously curated to offer a diverse array of engaging activities that resonate with the spirit of Lyon.

Practical Information

For those ready to embark on this culinary adventure, Les Puces du Canal is located at 5 rue Eugène Pottier, 69100 Villeurbanne.
Access is convenient, with options available for car, bus, and bicycle travel, ensuring that the journey to the event is as delightful as the experiences that await.

How to get there

  • By car
    Via Pont de la Croix Luizet, on-site parking €4/day
  • By bus
    Lines 7 and 37 – Puces du Canal stop
  • By bike
    Direct access via cycle path on boulevard Laurent Bonnevay & Vélo’v Verdun / Desgrand station & along the ViaRhôna

The “Celebration of the Andouillette Bobosse at Les Puces du Canal” invites visitors to step into a world where each moment is a celebration of Lyon’s gastronomic tradition, making it an unmissable event for those seeking the true essence of Lyonnaise culture and cuisine.


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