Our 10 best places for shopping in Lyon


Lyon’s shopping scene is ever growing, with plenty of independent boutiques as well as the high street and haute couture brands we all live. Here are the shopping areas you can’t miss. 


Shopping in Lyon Presqu’ile

Shopping in Lyon Around Place Bellecour

Bellecour is the heart of the presqu’île in Lyon 2. Consequentially, many big brands have chosen to set up shop there. There are plenty of shops for bargain lovers and fans of haute couture alike. Head to Rue de la République if you’re looking for high street brands such as FNAC, H&M or Brandy Melville (just off Rue de la République at 14 Rue Confort).

Rue Victor Hugo in Lyon 2

Rue Victor Hugo, a pedestrian shopping street from Bellecour to Perrache.

Or if you’re looking for some more upmarket shops, they are dotted around the streets surrounding Place Bellecour (rues Victor-Hugo, Emile-Zola, Edouard-Herriot, rue de la République…). Examples include Sandro (16 Rue Emile Zola), Gant (4 Rue Jean de Tournes, 69002), and Louis Vuitton (94 Rue du Président Édouard Herriot, 69002). 

You’ll undoubtedly visit Bellecour, whether a tourist or an expat, as it is in the heart of the city. It can be reached by metro lines A and D and several bus lines. 


Grand Hôtel Dieu, the newest shopping center in Lyon

Grand Hotel Dieu shopping center in Lyon 2

Grand Hotel Dieu shopping centre.

Located just off Bellecour square, the Grand Hôtel Dieu is home to many upmarket brands. Check out feminine clothing brand Marie Sixtine, expert in essential oils Aroma-Zone, and high quality furniture store OBBO design. The Grand Hôtel Dieu is also home to the brand new Hotel Intercontinental and a smaller version of les Halles de Part-Dieu. 
A stone’s throw from Bellecour, the Grand Hôtel Dieu is easy to get to by metro lines A, D, and several bus lines. 



A shopping experience in République Grolée-Carnot area

This area of shopping is so called as it is spread across three shopping streets in the centre of Lyon’s Presqu’île: République, Grolée and Carnot.

It encompasses the area between Rue de la République and the Rhône river. The streets are home to over 250 boutiques, with homeware, fashion, and electronics shops.

Hema shop in Lyon

Hema and Uniqlo shops in Lyon Grolée area.

It’s particularly a great area for sports fans due to its plethora of sports shops including JD Sports, Nike, Courir, SO sport, FootLocker, Decathlon, and for skiing fans, Snow Leader, where you can get all your snow sports supplies.

Other major brands on offer include Doc Martens, Hema, Uniqlo and H&M.

The closest metro stations include Bellecour (lines A and D) and Cordeliers (line A). The area is also accessible via several bus routes.


Shopping in Lyon Part-Dieu Area

Part-Dieu Shopping centre

The Part-Dieu is a high street lover’s paradise in Lyon 3rd. It’s completely indoors so perfect for all seasons, letting you avoid both sunburn and the freezing cold! Opened in 1975, it is one of the largest shopping centres in France, along with Les Quatre Temps in La Défense in Paris and Vélizy 2. 

La Part-Dieu shopping mall in Lyon 3.

La Part-Dieu shopping mall next to the train station.

Spread across 5 floors, you can find shops such as Primark, Zara, FNAC, Galeries Lafayette and Hema. There’s also plenty of places to grab a bite to eat, such as Foccaccia, Steak’n’shake or Hippopotamus. 

It’s easy to get to, in the heart of Lyon 3, with a stop on metro line B that takes you straight into the shopping centre- just follow signs for ‘centre commercial’. It is also served by various tram and bus lines. 



Les Halles de Lyon for food lovers

This one’s strictly for you, food lovers. With a history going back as far as 1859, Les Halles de Lyon is a large indoor food market, bringing together the best regional produce. Renowned chef Paul Bocuse added his name to Les Halles, meaning you get an extra guarantee of quality. 

Halles de Lyon Paul Bocuse

Halles de Lyon Paul Bocuse in Lyon 3 © Jack Leone

It’s the perfect place to pick up souvenirs or presents for loved ones back home. Perfect gift options include Lyon’s red pralines, chocolates, cheese, or truffles. 

A short walk from Lyon’s Part-Dieu station, it’s easy to access from the airport, by tram, metro, or bus. 


Other areas to shop in Lyon

Confluences Shopping Centre

Confluences shopping centre is one of the newest shopping centre in central Lyon. A stone’s throw from the sparkling new Confluences museum, the Confluences shopping centre matches the museum in its modern architecture. 

Lyon Confluence shopping center by night

Lyon Confluences shopping mall

It has many of the usual shops, such as Mango and Hollister, but the real highlight is the top floor- the restaurant terrace. There’s plenty of indoor and outdoor sitting with restaurants such as the Italian restaurant Fuxia, the crêperie Amelie, and Vietnamese street food restaurant Woko. The top floor is also where you’ll find the arcade- perfect for children (and adults!) There’s also a huge Carrefour and giant toy shop called Jouet Club. 

You can get there by tram or bus, or if you’re feeling really experimental, get the boat! 


Shopping in the Slopes of the Croix-Rousse in Lyon

Linking Hôtel de Ville and the Croix-Rousse are the ‘pentes’ or ‘slopes’. Here you will find many independent boutiques where you can pick up unique items.

It’s also the perfect spot for vintage shopping– check out FripesKetchup (25 Rue Sergent Blandan, 69001), Leonard (19 Rue Hippolyte Flandrin, 69001) and Carrie Bradshop (17 Rue Romarin, 69001). 


Montée de la Grande Cote, Lyon 1er.

Montée de la Grande Cote, one of the Croix-Rousse slope’s main street.

Also head over to the Village des Créateurs, which hosts small, often regional, brands, acting as a springboard for up and coming designers for short periods of time.

They also have a shop collecting together all their brands.
The brands they encompass include a regional silk scarf brand – Marie Antoinette, and another brand selling punk, rewearable wedding dresses – Bad Romance. 

Hôtel de Ville can be reached by metro lines A and C and many bus lines. 

Shopping in the little boutiques of the Vieux Lyon 

Old Lyon’s streets are dotted with lots of little boutiques: from ancient bookshops to souvenir shops. But for fashion lovers, the real joy is wandering around the independent silk shops, or ‘soieries’ in French.

Limonade de Marinette store in Lyon

“Limonade de Marinette” food and antic store in Vieux Lyon.

The Saint-Georges area of old Lyon is particularly well-known for its silk shops. Shops include Trésor de Soie at 2 place du Gouvernement Rue Saint-Jean, 69005, CathAm Silk at 24 Rue du Boeuf, 69005 – whose design workshop you can visit on appointment, and Brochier Soieries at 16 rue du Boeuf La Tour Rose, 69005. 

Take metro line D to Vieux Lyon then walk around the area.

Shopping outside Lyon


Porte des Alpes shopping center near Lyon for furnitures

Situated in Saint-Priest, a suburban area just outside of Lyon, is the shopping centre Porte des Alpes. It’s home to many high street brands such as Yves Rocher, Brice and a huge Auchan Hypermarket.

But the real reason you might want to make the journey from central Lyon to the Porte des Alpes is for the IKEA (for expats, at least!).

If you’re an expat, you’ll probably move to Lyon and find yourself severely lacking in furniture and household essentials. IKEA’s low prices and decent quality goods makes moving to Lyon a little less painful for your credit card. 

However, it’s worth bearing in mind that IKEA is set to move in September 2019 to Grand Parilly in Vénissieux, near the peripherique Laurent Bonnevay and metro line D stop Parilly. This move makes the IKEA amongst the biggest in France, at 40,000 square metres!

You can reach the Porte des Alpes by public transport. Take tram line T2, bus line C17, 93, or 52, to Porte des Alpes. Though if you’re going to the Porte des Alpes for IKEA, you may want to take a car! (Don’t worry though, they’re known for their flatpack furniture. DIY anyone?)

Carré de Soie shopping mall

If you live, or are staying as a tourist, closer to Vaulx-en-Velin than central Lyon (at the end of metro line A), then Carré de Soie is the shopping centre for you. Along with many of the same shops at Part-Dieu or Confluences Mall, the Carré de Soie boasts leisure activities, a Pathé cinema, many restaurants and Carrefour market. 

It’s a great place to make the kids come shopping too. That’s because after getting them the new pair of shoes they desperately need after ruining all their others, you can take them to Mini World, located in the grounds of the shopping centre. Here, children can see mini replicas of places such as the city of Lyon. 

The centre is located at 2 Rue Jacquard, 69120, Vaulx-en-Velin. It’s easy to get to: there’s free parking and Velo’v bike stations. Tram T3, metro line A and several buses take you straight there. 


Where to shop in Lyon

Les Halles de Lyon

Les Halles de Lyon Paul Bocuse is a remarkable indoor food market offering the very finest produce available anywhere since 1859.

La Part-Dieu shopping mall celebrates christmas

Part Dieu shopping centre

La Part Dieu shopping centre is one of the most gigantic shopping centres in Europe nearby la Part Dieu train station.

Lyon Confluence shopping center by night

Confluences Mall

You can find the Confluence mall at the edge of the presqu’île between the Rhône and Saône rivers. Discover what we call “Shopping à la cool” in Lyon.

List of the best food markets in Lyon, France

La Croix Rousse Market

La Croix Rousse market which is one of the busiest markets in Lyon lines the Boulevard de la Croix Rousse which is a part of Lyon’s UNESCO world heritage site.