Lyon Roman Festival: Fourviere Amphitheatre • Oct. 7-8th, 2023 •

Published: 2023/10/05

In an attempt to showcase important markers of Roman civilization, Lugdunum Museum in Lyon will host a series of educational performances on October 7th and 8th that incorporate key aspects of Roman society. Alongside these events, the museum is also preparing for the grand opening of an exciting new exhibition featuring LEGO® bricks titled “The Adventures of Brickius Maximus.”


Lyon Roman Festival: October 7-8 2023

Festival Highlights: Bringing the Roman Empire to Life

This unique festival offers the public an opportunity to dive back into the era of the Roman Empire, with various activities planned throughout the weekend dedicated to showcasing religious, military, and social aspects of Roman society.

  • The Emperor, Army, and Gladiator Barracks: Witness reenactments of a Roman military camp complete with emperor and his army, cavalry, and gladiator barracks. Performances are based on historical sources, ensuring authenticity and admirability as they provide insight into the Roman Empire’s power and strength.
  • A Village of Artisans: Travel back in time and immerse yourself in ancient Roman life by visiting a specially-crafted village of artisans. Here, you can explore long-forgotten professions and gain a deeper understanding of everyday Roman life.
  • Educational Performances: Sit back and enjoy educational shows illustrating various elements of Roman society, laws, and entertainment. With impressive performances using historical sources, audiences of all ages will be captivated.

Fantastic Entertainment: The Exhibition of Brickius Maximus

Prepare to be amazed by “The Adventures of Brickius Maximus: The LEGO® Brick Expo,” running from October 6th, 2023 to June 9th, 2024.
This exhibition offers a unique and entertaining look into Roman civilization, allowing people of all ages to engage in Roman history through the popular medium of LEGO® bricks.


An Unprecedented Experience at Lugdunum Museum

The weekend event is organized and hosted by Lugdunum Museum, known for its ancient archeological sites that transport you back to an era long-past.
The museum of Gallo Roman civilisation in Lyon boasts extensive collections highlighting the city’s Gallo-Roman heritage, including objects dating back to the Paleolithic age.
This magnificent backdrop will provide the perfect setting for visitors to become immersed in the essence of the Roman Empire.

Ancient Roman Theater: A Perfect Setting

Lugdunum Museum houses three Roman theaters, which have been magnificently preserved over the centuries. Offering magical views of the city and surrounded by lush green spaces, these ancients sites contribute significantly to creating an atmosphere where you can truly experience Roman history as it unfolds before your very eyes.

Embracing History and Learning Through Fun Activities

With its upcoming festival and exhibition, Lugdunum Museum demonstrates its commitment to educating and entertaining audiences with interactive events that promote engagement with historical and cultural subjects.

  • Family-Friendly Experiences: The festival and exhibition cater to both children and adults, ensuring everyone in the family can enjoy a fascinating adventure back in time while appreciating the importance of understanding past cultures.
  • Immersive and Engaging Activities: Interactive performances, village setups, and even the hands-on aspect of the LEGO® brick exhibition all work together to create an immersive experience that encourages learning through curiosity and fun.
  • A Unique Spin on History: By incorporating new and exciting ways to explore history, such as using LEGO® bricks, Lugdunum Museum ensures that visitors come away with a fresh perspective on Roman civilization.

Museums around the world could take inspiration from the events organized by Lugdunum Museum. Combining fun activities with historical elements allows people to appreciate culture in a unique and engaging way, broadening their understanding and overall appreciation of the world both yesterday and today.

2023 Lyon Roman Festival video teaser


  • Adress:
    Lugdunum – Museum of Gallo-Roman Civilisation and Ancient Theaters
    6 rue de l’Antiquaille 69005 LYON
  • How to get there:
    Metro Line D, Vieux Lyon station, then Funiculaire F1, Minimes stop