Discovering Lyon’s Culinary Heartbeat: The Machon Week

Published: 2023/10/11
Lyon is a city that resonates with the melodies of culinary tales, age-old traditions, and gastronomic innovations. It’s a place where every aroma tells a story, and every dish is a testament to its rich heritage.
Among the myriad culinary events that grace this gastronomic capital, the Machon Week stands out as a beacon, inviting both locals and travelers to embark on a flavorful journey.
Let’s uncover the magic of the 2023 Machon Week and explore how it encapsulates the very soul of Lyon’s culinary landscape.


Machon Week 2023 in Lyon, France

Origins and Significance of Machon Week in Lyon

Machon, at its core, is more than just a meal; it’s a tradition, a ritual, a celebration of Lyon’s culinary spirit.
Historically, it’s a hearty morning meal, shared among friends, often after a night out. Over the years, this deep-rooted culinary practice has evolved into a city-wide celebration known as the Machon Week.
This event serves as a bridge between the past and the present, ensuring that the age-old traditions of Lyon are not just preserved but celebrated with fervor.

Highlights of Machon Week 2023

2023 marks the return of Machon Week for its second edition, and the excitement is palpable. The event is a collaborative effort, bringing together local vintners, renowned restaurants, and wine cellars.
Over the course of the week, more than 30 events are set to take place across the city. From intimate aperitifs to lavish bistronomic meals, there’s something for every palate.
And of course, no Machon Week would be complete without the traditional Machon, a copious morning feast that captures the very essence of Lyon’s culinary spirit.

Venues and Participants

Machon in a bouchon restaurant in Lyon, France

The beauty of Machon Week lies in its diversity. The event spans a range of venues, from cozy bars and elegant restaurants to boutique gourmet spots.
Some notable participants this year include:

  • Ultimo
  • L’Encart
  • Le Corner
  • Le Mondrian
  • La Meunière
  • Les Gens bons
  • El Bar Debourg
  • La Bonne Gâche
  • Le Tabagnon du 6
  • Restaurant le 4G
  • L’escapade du Danton
  • Fromagerie Les 3 Jean
  • La Table de Saint Just
  • Côté Vin (wine cellar)
  • Restaurant La Chopinette
  • L’Œnothèque (wine cellar)
  • Cave ô Papilles (wine cellar)
  • Au petit Bouchon chez Georges

The week culminates in a grand finale, a massive Machon gathering where local winemakers, Lyon restaurants, and food enthusiasts come together to celebrate their shared love for Lyon’s culinary treasures.

Beyond the Food: The Cultural Impact of Machon Week

While Machon Week is undeniably a culinary event, its impact goes far beyond the plate.
In a playful nod to Paris’s Fashion Week, Lyon stakes its claim as a city where food is not just sustenance but art.
The event plays a pivotal role in boosting local businesses, promoting tourism, and reinforcing Lyon’s reputation on the global gastronomic stage.

For those seeking to discover the true essence of Lyon, Machon Week is the perfect starting point.
So, pack your appetite and set forth on a culinary odyssey that promises to be both delicious and enlightening.

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