Guided Tours Offered by the Lyon Tourist Office are 50% Off on October 21, 2023

Published: 2023/10/20
Embark on an extraordinary journey through the enchanting streets of Lyon, France, where history, culture, and beauty intertwine seamlessly. This October 21st, 2023, ONLYLYON Tourisme, in collaboration with its partners on the Visiter Lyon website, presents an exclusive opportunity for expats and tourists to explore the magnificent city at a fraction of the cost. Dive into a day of delightful discoveries with nearly 30 unique ways to experience Lyon’s captivating allure, all available at an incredible half-price offer!


Discount on Lyon Guided Tours in 2023

Choose Your Adventure

Whether you prefer wandering on foot, gliding on a Segway, or cruising on an electric bike, the choice is yours!
Tailor your adventure to match your style and pace, ensuring an unforgettable exploration of Lyon’s treasures. The city unfolds its mysteries and charms, inviting you to (re)discover its wonders in complete freedom and at your own rhythm.

Exclusive Offers and Flexible Reservations

Unlock a realm of exclusive offers and benefits by making your reservations online.
Utilize the promo code VISITEZLYON to avail of discounts of up to 50% on the best guided tours of Lyon and activities.
Experience Lyon without the constraints of hefty prices, and immerse yourself in a day of rich cultural experiences and delightful explorations.

Reservations are flexible, allowing for cancellations up to 72 hours before the visit, ensuring peace of mind and convenience.
Offers are limited to one activity for a maximum of four people, promoting an intimate and engaging experience as you traverse the vibrant landscapes of Lyon.

Booking Your Lyon Experience

Ready to dive into a day of unforgettable adventures in Lyon?

See link below to book your experience online and step into a world where history, culture, and modern vibrancy collide in a symphony of extraordinary experiences.

Sustainable Exploration for a Responsible Experience

In a commitment to fostering a more sustainable and responsible event, attendees are encouraged to utilize public transport to join the festivities.
Embrace eco-friendly practices by bringing along a reusable water bottle to minimize plastic waste and opting for digital confirmations to reduce paper usage.
Your email confirmation serves as a sufficient pass, eliminating the need for printed tickets and contributing to a greener event.

A Day of Discovery Awaits

Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to explore Lyon like never before.
With a plethora of options and the added advantage of significant discounts, October 21st promises a day of exploration, discovery, and delightful memories in the heart of one of France’s most enchanting cities.


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