Cheap French classes for foreigners in Lyon’s social centers

Social centers: cheap French language courses in France

Another resource to keep in mind when trying to acquire French skills in Lyon is its social centers.
It resembles the higher education system in that they prioritize a certain group of people but in this case, it’s the inhabitants of the neighbourhood to which the center belongs.

They are on the opposite spectrum of language centers and one-on-one lessons as they are an option for those who have very restricted resources, often an extremely basic French level and are perhaps having a hard time integrating everyday life because of it.


Foreigners learning French in Lyon


Cheap language schools in Lyon

Centre social Olivier des Sages

Here we’ve got an establishment that’s a little different in that it targets migrants over 55 who might be in a tighter spot financially and who are looking to really learn the basics in order to integrate French society.
Classes are Friday mornings from 10 to 12, in groups of 5 to 7 people, taught by a volunteer and where the work is mostly written.

You can join the center starting at 10 €/year.

  • Website:
  • Address: Antenne Lyon 3 – K-fé social Philippe Jeantet – 8 Rue de l’Epée – 69003 Lyon
  • Phone: 09 84 52 31 66 or 06 95 80 51 27
  • Email:


Centre social Bonnefoi

This center stands out for its particular teaching methods: those of Gattegno, associating colors and sounds in the French language which then allows to learn writing, reading and speaking with the correct pronunciation all at the same time.
These 6 volunteers are looking to lead workshops of people who are very much beginners, levels under A2, and their priority is the population of the Guillotière-Moncey-Voltaire area.

Becoming part of the center costs 5€/year and participating in the classes is an extra 2 €.

  • Website:
  • Address: Centre Social Bonnefoi – 5 rue Bonnefoi – 69003 Lyon 3
  • Phone: 04 72 61 97 43
  • Email:



Centre social de Champvert

Champvert has a few more possibilities in terms of courses, which are led by a professional and a few volunteers. They’ve got group classes centered on speaking and everyday life, individual classes around reading and writing, and even preparation classes for the DILF exam.
Everyone is welcomed but their focus is once more on foreigners who have quite a difficult time expressing themselves or understanding others in everyday life.

This center is in the 9th district but is also open to inhabitants of the 5th district. You can become part of this for 13,80€/year.

  • Website:
  • Address: Centre Social de Champvert – 204 avenue Barthélémy Buyer – 69009 Lyon 5
  • Phone: 04 78 25 07 59
  • Email:


Centre Social Langlet Santy Monplaisir la Plaine

Here we’ve got collective workshops thanks to trained volunteers and their coordinator, divided into two according to level. You can also add on extra modules, thanks to their relationship with the United States social center, such as a beginner preparation to the DILF/DELF exam, computer classes, citizenship or discovery of the professional world.
As long as you’re 18, you can join (from 2,50 to 11€/year depending on your revenue and 6,60€ to take the classes) but their priority are those who live in the 8th district.

  • Website:
  • Address: Centre Social Langlet Santy Monplaisir la Plaine – 96 avenue Paul Santy – 69008 Lyon 8
  • Phone : 04 78 01 62 0
  • Email :