Learning French through private lessons

A more personalized experience: teachers who offer private courses for foreigners

Lastly, among the options for improving your French in the city, we’ve got the obvious resource of private tutoring.
Universities, independent language schools and social centers can be great but can also be quite general; maybe you are seeking a more personalized experience and are looking to develop particular skills. In that case, you would need a teacher who can devote all their attention to you and private tutoring is just what you’re looking for.

Seeing that there’s probably an endless list of people who can offer one on one private classes and that we can’t mention them all, we will just remind you of the possibility.
Be on the lookout for ads on university corkboards, social media or research engines online: there’s something for everyone.




A French teacher recommended by Lyon’s expat community

However, our honorable mention, thanks to our Facebook followers who recommended her, goes to Joëlle or Rue Français.
Her classes are very much adapted to your level, needs and availability and therefore are often individual; otherwise, she offers group classes of maximum 5 people. They can take place wherever’s best for you, including coffee shops, Skype or FaceTime.
For private individuals, it is 40€/hour and for those in companies, 60€/hour (although that can change and get lower depending on the number of people).
For those of you who are more advanced, she even offers literature, history of the arts or history of ideas classes.

  • Website: ruefrancais.com
  • Phone: +33 (0)6 35 35 76 27
  • Email: joelle@ruefrancais.com