My Four Trips To Travel Outside Lyon

Published: 2017/10/21

My ideas to explore Lyon surroundings


Let’s all admit we like Lyon. You are probably here browsing this web page because you live in Lyon and enjoy the city, or because you plan to visit and are about to fall in love with it. The city offers plenty of opportunities from concerts, festivals and museums to cozy brunch and coffee places. There is something for every person and every budget. But we should not forget that Lyon also offers great side trips that take you under 2 hours, yet make you fall in love with France again and again.
Never traveled outside or want to explore Lyon surroundings further? Let me take you on a little tour around Lyon



Few minutes away from Lyon…  Abode de Chaos Museum

Few minutes away from Lyon and you are inside the world of chaos. Abode of Chaos museum of contemporary art is definitely the most unconventional modern art museum you will ever see in your life. Let me show you some artwork and you will understand why.


The entrance to the Abode of Chaos Art Museum near Lyon

The wrecked helicopter is one of the most spectacular artworks that hits you right at the entrance. Then your cultural shock evolves as you get further and further inside of Abode de Chaos. One thing for sure, after you experience it, there is no way back.

The portraits of the Abode of Chaos(Lyon)


Abode of Chaos has numerous portraits of famous people that left their mark on the history of our planet. From politicians, to economist, to saints, to Edward Snowden… there are about 1200 portraits on the museum’s territory. Yet when you see them in real, you see more than just a portrait, it’s an icon to what our planet is today and those who contributed to this.

One of the 9 sculls at Abode of Chaos, will you find them all?



An hour away from Lyon… Roche de Solutré in Burgundy


Just a little under one hour away and you are in the prehistoric times. You would ask me, how come? The place is called the Roche of Solutré and it’s basically a limestone rock in the middle of the vineyards of Bourgogne.

This is a picturesque place that offers a light hike and a great view on the endless vineyards, and if the weather is nice, also the view on the snowy peak of Montblanc mountain.

The view on the vineyards and the Roche of Solutre one hour from Lyon

Yet the Roche de Solutré is also a prehistoric site. There is the evidence of people settlements from 22.000-17.000 BC.

The museum on sight has the true remains and bones of prehistoric animals, human beings, arms and other tools. And it’s all just under an hour away from Lyon.

Prehistoric artifacts: Would love to say it is a dinosaur but this is the remains of the horse


An hour-and-a-half away from Lyon… magnificent Annecy


This time the ride is a little longer, yet you end up inside a real life fairy tale – Annecy.  Despite the relatively small side of the city it offers everything you might wish for – stunning Old City, the lake the mountains and much more. Let’s look at it one by one…

The magnificent Annecy


The Old City of Annecy looks like a postcard wherever you put your eyes on. You will be amazed how small the city is, which is perfect for an unhurried stroll along the river and admiring the beauty of Annecy.

Annecy is a great place not only to please your eyes, but your belly as well. Especially now that winter is coming… Annecy as true member of Haute Savoie region offers great selection of popular French cheese based dishes – raclette, tartiflette, fondue…

I had a chance to have dinner at one of the top raclette and fondue places in Annecy according to TripAdvisor. Great and quick service, nice ambiance, nevertheless I would advise you to book your table in advance. All the good places get full very quickly in Annecy and this was the case in Le Freti as well.

Delicious fondue at Le Freti in Annecy

There is one more thing that is an absolute must and I am sure you will know it the moment you see it. It’s hard to miss, because I am speaking about the lake or Lac d’Annecy. It is a vast lake with absolutely crystal clear water and stunning view on the surrounding mountains.

Take a boat ride of about one hour and enjoy a lovely tour accompanied with a story in English and French. Just do it while the sun is still up, as it gets really fresh afterwards.

The lake of Annecy


Two hours away from Lyon… to enjoy a beautiful Salève mountain near Geneva


France is a vast country, and 2 hours away direction West you are at the borderline between France and Switzerland. A brief lift up with a telepherique de Salève, which is an entertainment in itself, and you are technically in France enjoying the view on Geneva. Obviously, catching some sun as well.

Enjoying the view on Geneva and catching the sun on top of the Saleve mountain

However, there is more than just a view on our neighbor country. It seems like Salève is the place to be if you love paragliding. On a sunny day the sky is painted with all the colorful parachutes.

It’s a very special experience to see the people take of so flawlessly and flying in the sky like birds.  The view can make even those scared of heights want to fly.

It’s worth a trip independently whether you are an experienced paraglider or if you just want to enjoy the flight from the ground.

Paragliding in the sky above the mountain of Saleve



Our trip comes to an end here. I hope I did inspire you for some journeys nearby our beautiful Lyon. We all love Lyon, but the reason we are here is also because we love travelling and discovering the new places.  Now the exploring journey is yours!
Bon voyage!


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2 thoughts on “My Four Trips To Travel Outside Lyon

  1. Hi Rolayne Venator! We’re glad you’re coming to visit! Without a car, these places are best reached by train or bus. For the Abode de Chaos, you can take the metro to Gare de Vaise (the end of the D/green line) and then get bus 43. Get off at the stop St. Romain Centre and you can walk from there. The system doesn’t go all the way out to Roche de Soultré, so for that you’ll have to catch a train to the TGV Gare Mâcon-Loché. Likewise, for Annecy and Geneva, you can take a train or a bus depending on your schedule. They usually leave from Lyon Part-Dieu or Lyon Perrache, and you can search for options on for trains and or for buses. Happy traveling!

  2. What is the best way to travel to these places? We are coming to Lyon in a few weeks and would like to go to Vienne and several other villages and wineries. Does the bus system go that far, or does one take the train or the trolley system? I would appreciate all the help I can get. Thank you

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