Martina Buchal is a Czech-Canadian award-winning coach and facilitator who started her career in the world of human rights and international politics, working at high levels of national and international government. Her passion for social justice and empowering others, in particular, took her on professional world tour as Global Ambassador for World Merit, where she worked in developmental contexts in 30+ countries, enabling communities and budding leaders to create a more collaborative, inclusive, and just world for all. A seasoned speaker, she has spoken on prestigious stages including at the Summit of the Americas (by special invitation of the Vice President of Panama herself), the United Nations, Paris' own ChangeNow, and many other. Today, she runs her own social good business, coaching and advising high level for-profit, not-for-profit and public sector leaders in conscious leadership while serving on two boards. She holds a B.A. Honours in Law, with a specialization in Human Rights; several certifications in Conflict Resolution, Negotiation, and Coaching; and splits her time living between the sunny Lyon, France, and the Great White North.

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