My first soccer game at the Groupama Stadium in Lyon

Published: 2019/11/27

Everything you need to know before going to the game at Olympique Lyonnais stadium


It’s a brisk fall night as you walk into the stadium. You already hear the chants and yells from adoring fans. You see the various displays of the red, blue, and white between the jerseys, flags and face paint. You prepare yourself. It is time for L’Olympique Lyonnais.

If you’re in Lyon, or France in general, then you already know how big of a deal soccer is. L’Olympique Lyonnais are Lyon’s soccer teams, both men and women. It isn’t just watching a game of soccer, it is a full blown experience, a cultural experience.

If there is one thing to do in Lyon before you leave, it is to attend at least one match! If you are unsure if this is your thing, here is a little about the atmosphere of each game, the transportation to and from, as well as some tips to get through your night.

Inside the Groupama stadium in Lyon

A packed Groupama stadium for men’s match

One would think that both games would have a similar feel/atmosphere to them, well that’s not true. Starting with the men’s match, even if it is raining, snowing, or freezing cold, you will always have a packed stadium.

For the men’s match, the only available seats left were in the “nosebleed” section at the top of the stadium, 15€ a person.

The stadium was packed all the way around, rowdy fans all around you. The closer to the field you get, specifically the goal posts on each side, the more enthusiastic you will see the fans, due to the designated cheer section. By the end of the night, regardless if you know French or not, you will be chanting along to all the cheers.

For the women’s game, things were slightly different. We were seated next to the field, only 7€. Plus, the stadium wasn’t as packed as the men’s game was. Don’t get me wrong though, the fans are still just as rowdy!

We had the pleasure of getting to be seated within the cheer section at the women’s game. It was especially fun when they scored a goal, you forgot about all the troubles for one second and just felt surrounded by good vibes and fun times.

How to go to the Groupama Stadium in Lyon ?

On game nights, getting to the stadium itself can be a hassle sometimes, so it is best to plan ahead. There are a few different modes of transportation at your convenience.

The simplest way would be to take Metro Line A all the way there, and stop at Vaulx-en-Velin La Soie. From there, there is a tram that will take you directly to the stadium.

Entrance of the groupama stadium in Lyon

Sometimes though, when Metro Line A is down, there has to be another way to get there. The next way is if you take the T1 from Perrache to Part Dieu.

From there, there will be the T3 and T4 that will take you close to the stadium as well. A good trick to use is to watch what people are wearing. When you see a big crowd of people in Olympique Lyonnais gear, know you’re heading in the right direction.

Helpful Tips to enjoy a game at Lyon’s Groupama Stadium

If you are new to going to sporting events, or even the world’s biggest sports buff, here are some helpful tips to get you through the event. For starters, do not bring a portable charger with you.

This is a big no no from security. You will have to go rent a locker, as well as remember to grab your charger by the end of the night. Another important thing to remember, you are attending a sporting event, things can get very rambunctious.

Groupama stadium in Lyon

So keep an eye on your belongings at all times, it is a perfect spot for pickpockets. Also, people are drinking so you may get splashed or even drenched by a drink here or there. One last thing, for transportation there are many ways to get to and from.

For any issues with traveling, the TCL app will give you many options regarding where you need to go. Also, the staff working the game are very helpful and will answer any questions regarding anything. For any information regarding the teams, games,or events going on at the stadium, you can visit their website.

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