Lockdown in Lyon: The importance of moving the body and emptying the mind

Published: 2020/03/30

A great help option at this time is to occupy the mind with activities that keep us mentally and physically active and something that can includes both requirements is the practice of yoga and meditation.


We are facing a very difficult time due to this new virus that circulates among us (COVID-19 or Coronavirus), which is still unknown even to the medical and scientific community, as it is not yet known with full certainty what are the consequences that this virus it can take, it is only known that it is a very dangerous virus (and even mortal) for people of advanced age and people with chronic diseases and/or undergoing medical treatment, so the recommendation is that we stay at home so this way the virus don’t be propagated.

Yoga in Lyon

It is not because you are not in the risk group that you must circulate freely, as the virus can be in you and nothing happens, but it can be transmitted to those considered to be at-risk groups, as mentioned before.

And then, already aware of this and knowing our responsibility in the face of this global crisis, we understand that staying at home is the best option for us and for everyone!

But what to do during this period of confinement so that boredom, stress and anxiety do not consume us?

A great help option at this time is to occupy the mind with activities that keep us mentally and physically active and something that can includes both requirements is the practice of yoga and meditation.

Today with the ease of the internet, we have access to infinite content of all possible types. In one click we can access video-lessons; complete and diverse courses offered by universities; movies; digital books; etc etc etc. The possibilities really are endless and many are free!

But sometimes even too much information can bring us anxiety and make us feel lost. So, once again yoga is present to help us bring calm and reflection on which path to choose.

But after all, what yoga is and who can practice it?

The word Yoga comes from the Sanskrit root Yuj which means Union, Communion or Unity.

Yoga is a science and philosophy that teaches us the method of joining the individual soul and the Supreme Soul. Yoga is the control of mind and its modifications.

Yoga poses in Lyon

It is the complete suppression of the tendency of the mind to transform itself into objects, thoughts, etc.

In a more pragmatic interpretation, we can understand yoga as a means to harmonize body, mind and soul.

Yoga is advisable for anyone who is willing to go deep inside. There are different styles of yoga that can perfectly fit the conditions and needs of the practitioner.

There is a famous phrase by an unknown author that says: “Yoga is for everybody and every body”. So, here’s the tip!

The benefits that yoga can bring us if practiced regularly and the advantages of practicing at home

The benefits that yoga can bring us are diverse. From improving our mental state (helping us to control our emotions and thoughts), to improving our breathing with pranayama (the life force that both energizes and relaxes the body) exercises and also improving our physical body with asanas (postures), helping us to stay healthy, flexible and strong (but remember, physical work is not the main goal of yoga. Yoga means union of body/mind/soul, remember that?).

So, why not practice it in the comfort of our home during this time of confinement? Since all you need is yourself, your motivation, and a yoga mat or if you don’t have it, could be your living room carpet, a towel or even using the floor itself (Just analyze your physical condition for you to not get hurt, ok?). Alright! If you have these items, you can already start!


But how to start Yoga?

Well, today there is a lot of yoga content on the internet, it is very easy to find complete yoga classes, both paid and free. Platforms like youtube offer several videos in different languages for those who want to start practicing (and for those who already practice too).

But remember, if you are a beginner in yoga and want to continue your practice in yoga, after this period of confinement, do not exclude the possibility of meeting a teacher in person. It is extremely important to have the help of a teacher, face-to-face.

Only she/he will be able to guide you in the postures in which you have difficulties and also for your progress and evolution to be made gradually without any problem.

Yoga Teacher in Lyon

In Lyon, if you are looking for a yoga professional we recommend: Yoga Nati – Nathalia Pereira.

Nathalia Pereira is originally from Brazil but currently lives in France.

She is a Certified Yoga Teacher recognized by the Yoga Alliance (International Yoga Federation), with 200 hours in Integral Yoga.

Practices Yoga since 2009. Obtaining her certification as a Yoga Teacher in 2018.

She is also curious about holistic practices, such as Ayurvedic Medicine and Aromatherapy.

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