Lyon Outdoor swimming pool: Centre Tony Bertrand

Lyon’s Top Swimming Pools and Aquatic Parks in Lyon

Most swimming pools in Lyon are public. In France, indoor and outdoor swimming pools have regulations about swimsuit. Boardshorts are often forbidden, so you’ll need to bring a pair of swimming trunks or square-cut shorts. Similarly, swim caps are not always compulsory, but it’s always a good idea to have one with you, just in […]

Elliott Erwitt: A Retrospective, photo exhibition Lyon France

Elliott Erwitt’s Stunning Photo Odyssey Graces Lyon in an Unmissable Exhibit

A Photographic Symphony in Lyon’s Cultural Landscape Exhibition Overview As the heart of Lyon beats with a rich tapestry of history and culture, it now pulsates with the added rhythm of photographic brilliance. The city welcomes art enthusiasts to an extraordinary exhibition – “Elliott Erwitt: A Retrospective.” Hosted at La Sucrière, this exhibition is a treasure […]

Groumpf Concert: A Musical Extravaganza at Ninkasi Kao, Lyon

  Who is Groumpf?   For those unfamiliar with the name, Groumpf is not just a band; it’s an experience. Imagine four Beatrix Potter rabbits embarking on a wild journey reminiscent of Las Vegas Parano. That’s Groumpf for you – crazy, glittery, and unabashedly cheeky. Their compositions are a testament to their uninhibited spirit, where […]

Festival of Lights

The “Fête des Lumières” is Lyon’s most popular event drawing 3 million visitors to admire the illuminations and nighttime light shows in December.

Jeff Mills Nuits Sonores 2021

Festival Nuits Sonores in Lyon: Summer 2021 edition

The Festival Nuits Sonores reopens in Lyon for a special 2021 edition. This year, the event will be experienced under the Covid light. Come look at our presentation of Nuits Sonores and the summer 2021 program.