Festival Nuits Sonores in Lyon: Summer 2021 edition

Published: 2021/07/06

Yes, the famous festival Nuits Sonores is coming back! For five days, from the 20th until the 25th of July, this electro-music festival will reopen its doors under the covid light. A bunch of artists will be waiting for Lyon’s excited public in the Fagor Brandt factories at 70 quai Perrache.

Covid-19 restrictions to respect

After the festival cancelled in 2020 due to sanitary reasons, and another cancelation last April, Arty Farty did not give up and finally reprogrammed the festival for this summer. And a proof that it’s a long waited for event: a couple of “soirées” are sold out! If you want to book quickly your tickets, go on their website. The prices go from 10€ up to 30€.

finally reopened

The researched effect is to gather people and still respect covid restrictions. Therefore, a place limitation is applied: 2500 people is the maximum capacity. But you can stand instead of sitting and for an electro festival, it’s kind of a must. Of course, social distancing and face masks are mandatory. For this massive event, you will need to show a valid sanitary pass which means to either bring a PCR/antigenic Covid-19 test or be vaccinated.

Nuits sonores festival 2021 in Lyon


To gather in a hybrid place

In 2021, young ones are looking forward to this usually annual event. Covid made it all the more difficult for them to meet and enjoy an evening with friends while listening to their favorite artists. But a relief it is now that the pandemic is slowing down and that the summer has begun. And for this special 2021 festival issue, artists did not frown at an opportunity to come back on stage.

The organizers have entirely designed the place for a better contact with the public: shedding light on an imaginative environment. An amphitheater and a360-degrees-video-projected scene are going to be the key settings. A futurist world, that is the emphasis. All of it in the middle of factories, where an industrial age ends: a new one starts. Plus, refreshments and food are sold in the food-Hall HEAT.

Performances of known and local artists

For five nights, electro masters and beginners are going to perform. One by one proving their talents, but most importantly, making people stomp frenetically their feet for the sake of it. And that’s why the festival has experienced an incredible success for many years. Thus explaining why night 5 and the open airs are already full. But 4 other evenings are still available.

If you are a student, you can benefit from a reduced price with your “Pass Région” or “Pass Culture étudiant”.
You can meet in the Festival Nuits Sonores very famous electro artists. Such as Laurent Garnier: internationally respected and valued for his major contribution in building the electro industry from scratch. Moreover, Jeff mills, DJ P.Moore and Lala&Ce are going to be there. But local artists also deserve attention because each has a definite style.

Jeff Mills Nuits Sonores 2021


Local artists for Nuits Sonores 2021

Here is the selection of This is Lyon’s team, local edition:


Flore & WSK

Flore is described as a pillar in the French electro music scene. Her style is between UK bass and techno, that she mixes with the talent of WSK. Their collaboration resulted in a project called RITUAL. In a dynamic way, sound and pictures will harmonize to its best.


This artist Lyonnais is very familiar with the electro scene as he has been a known dj for over a decade. He fuels his influences with early-wave, new beat, dark wave or dub. He therefore tries to reach in his performances a pure trans state he hopes to share with fellow music-lovers.

Ma gda

Ma gda is a young female dj in Lyon. Her music highlights an avant-garde spirit, with a taste of international pop and obscure hybrid atmosphere. She lights up the scene when she explores bewitched rhythms.

In Aeternam Vale + Vel + Malo Lacroix

The first artist, In Aeternam Vale is locally famous for his devoted work in music. If we had to describe his vibe, we could say he pairs a modular techno with a new wave energy. Differently, the second artist Vel exploits a cold intensity in her techno. The result is stunning.


Bambounou is a promising artist on the European house and techno scene. He brings a contemporary touch with his heated but precise techno. He uses Break, garage, experimental an ambient in his recipe.

A special morning edition

A novelty to say the least for the Nuits Sonores festival. Late sleepers can meet early wakers at 6 o’clock in the morning Saturday 24th of July! For 6 hours long, you can participate at the “salutation au soleil” event, the faithful translation being “sun salutation”. Yes, yoga geeks, the sun salutation is a position reference. Camion Bazar is the group organizing these unique (and early) sessions. The relaxing activity will be paired with electro music of course: even more relaxing for amateurs. Bring your yoga mats then.

Namaste Bazar for Nuits Sonores 2021


Nuits Sonores 2021 program

Tuesday 20th 2021

  • Jeff Mills & Jean-Phi Dary
  • Max Cooper
  • Dash Rush
  • Typhène
  • Neue Grafik Ensemble
  • Gin Tonic Orchestra et XL.IKS

Wednesday July 21st 2021

  • High Tone x AV exciters
  • Chloé & Vassilena Serafimova
  • Flore & WSK, ORganizatsiya
  • Eiger Drumps Propaganda & HaJJ
  • Azu Tiwaline & Cinna Peghamy

Thursday July 22nd 2021

  • Sébastien Tellier
  • Felicia Atkinson
  • Il Quadro di Troisi
  • Shaun Baron-Carvais
  • Zone W / O People
  • In Aeternam Vale & Vel

Friday July 23rd 2021

  • Lala &ce
  • UVB76
  • rRoxymore
  • Awori & Twani
  • Muqata’a

Saturday July 24th 2021

  • Pantha Du Prince
  • Simo Cell & Abdullah Miniawy
  • Fulu Miziki
  • Crystallmess & Jantana Hennard
  • Praktika & Simon Winsé
  • TTristana & Iliyazel

Check-out the soundclouds of a few artists here:

Salma Rosa 




Felicia Atkinson