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I am an Irish French student in journalism who writes about the great city of Lyon, which I have yet to discover in its details. I grew up in Orléans and have traveled to see how some of France’s cities are unique. Lyon is definitely one of them. Therefore, just getting acquainted to the city, I love to share my growing experience to all the other English-speaking students that magically landed here. And if it implies meeting new people and learning Lyon’s beautiful history, all the better! This is Lyon enables me to do that and I am very grateful for it

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New Traboules of Lyon’s Podcast

Put your earplugs on! This is Lyon introduces a new format. Podcasts: mixing history and handy everyday tips. The first episode is about the Traboules, let’s dive into their secrets together.

Jeff Mills Nuits Sonores 2021

Festival Nuits Sonores in Lyon: Summer 2021 edition

The Festival Nuits Sonores reopens in Lyon for a special 2021 edition. This year, the event will be experienced under the Covid light. Come look at our presentation of Nuits Sonores and the summer 2021 program.