What to do in Lyon during the Summer 2021

Published: 2021/07/13

Summer 2021 is a time of social rebirth. Let’s celebrate this recovered freedom together in Lyon. As you should know, Bastille day (July 14th) is coming fast. But the fun doesn’t stop when the barricades end. A bunch of summer activities are planned, for families, students, old ones, or anyone actually. Come see what’s up!

Bastille Day

It is an annual tradition to celebrate the 1789 French Revolution. French and allies gather to celebrate with loved ones a big firework. In Lyon, the tradition is set on Fourvière hill, near the basilica at 10:30pm. If you need information about the organization of Bastille Day, the history, where to enjoy the show or simply park, you can read our piece about it.




Festival Woodstower has existed for 22 years in Lyon now and shines for its environmentally friendly policy. Specialized in rap and electro, it is from the 24th to the 29th of August. 6 night and 3 daytime performances are on the menu.  Join the event in Vaulx-en-Velin in “Grand Parc Miribel-Jonage” near the “eaux bleues” Lake.

You can book your tickets online, and some performances are even free.

Nuits sonores

Festival Nuits Sonores is a famous electro-music festival. For five days, from the 20th until the 25th of July, a bunch of artists will perform in the Fagor Brandt factories at 70 quai Perrache. Renowned electro pillars are going to attend such as Laurent garnier and Jeff Mills but also local artists. You can book your tickets on Festival Nuits Sonores website.

Anyway, This is Lyon wrote about it!

Lyon, Nuits sonores 2019 - Night 1, stage 2

J-Zbel on stage for Les Nuits Sonores 2019


The Transbordeur reopened to deliver eclectic concerts, DJ, and exposition all summer 2021: it’s the “summer sessions X live echo”. Lasting from the 1st until the 13th of July, it is a renewed event to gather Lyon’s inhabitants again.  The Transbordeur is located at 3 boulevard de Stalingrad in Villeurbanne and the prices go from 0 to 30€.

For this occasion, This is Lyon presented the 2021’s program.

Radio terrasses

As for Radio Terrasse, it’s an initiative launched by Périscope to promote local radios, crucial local artists blow ups. The little festival will begin from July 6th to July 9th. And these terraces are fixed on 13 rue Delandine for music lovers that want to sunbathe and drink. 5 radios are invited: SOL Fm, radio béguin, Radio Nova, Les Enfants du Rhône et Euradio.


Museums and expositions

Le Réverbère

Réverbère is a gallery where a contemporary photographic exposition is available until July 31st at 38 rue Burdeau. The theme for the photos chosen by the Réverbère is “elsewhere’s desires”.

Let your imagination interpret these words first, and then come see the artists selection. You will see, for examples, exotic pictures or hard migrant paths. A comforting or an anxious feeling: anywhere your mind takes you, as long as it’s elsewhere. From Wednesdays to Saturdays, 2pm-7pm. Be there: it’s free!

A photo of Julien Magre: Troubles, le Reverbère

Vinyles Mania

Located in the Printing and Graphic Communication Museum, Vinyles Mania is perfect for groovers, ancient style. Yes, vinyls are back in fashion. Because the process is very similar to printing, the museum wanted to expose the daily lives of manufacturers, collectors and record sellers throughout the years. You can also learn about the vinyl history.

Maybe grasp a nostalgic remembrance or discover the world entirely.


Vinyle Mania's heading on Facebook, Lyon 2021


This year, the accent is put on “Project Africa 2020”. The local record seller Sofa Records will display the varieties of music from Africa. This event is until August 29th from Wednesdays until Sundays, 10:30am-6pm. Visitors have to pay 8€ the entrance, it is free for minors under 18. Find the little museum at 13 rue de la Poulaillerie.

Fine Arts Museum of Lyon

Often compared to the Louvre, Lyon’s Fine Arts Museum deals with a 5 000 years old art landscape. Imagine the variety of the art styles then! It is a very rich exposition right in the center of Lyon, place des Terreaux. But you have to come for another reason: the setting. A cozy garden is in the Fine Arts, that borrows its calm atmosphere from the old convent it used to host.

English spoken people are very welcome.

Inside the Fine Arts Museum in Lyon

Anyway, the full rate ticket is 8 euros and if you need a guided tour, have a blast – it’s only 3euros. The museum is open all week and weekends (except Tuesdays) from 10am-6pm.

Confluences Museum

“Le musée des Confluences” is the Natural History Museum of Lyon located in the presqu’île. It scientifically relates humanity since its beginnings. Sciences, ethnology, architecture archeology will mix to amaze you and your family. And the museum is even more than that: the contemporary cloudy architecture contrasts with the ancient, exposed objects. In a word: disturbing. But a must see.

It is open from Tuesdays to Sundays, 10am-5pm. The price goes up to 9€ and you need to book online.


Ballads, Parks in the summer

Tête d’Or Park & Zoo

The most famous park around Lyon will not disorient our fellow English natives! Based on British garden’s blueprints, beautiful scenery await your family and friends. The botanic garden and the central lake make this park complete and fresh. From 6:30 am until 10:30pm you can enjoy every bit of it.

In addition, Lyon’s zoo is occupying a major part of the 16 hectares of green. To these facilities was lately added a new forest, you can bring your kids if they like zoos! It is completely free.

Rosa Mir garden

This touristic garden is narrow and small: typical of south of France’s gardens. That means a romantic spot filled with rock figures and roses. Come with your lover! It’s at 87 Grande rue de la Croix-Rousse.

Rosa Mir garden in Lyon

Curiosity Garden

The greatest panorama of Lyon is visible from this garden. Right in la Croix-Rousse district, you can really appreciate Lyon under its gorgeous light. You can sit back on a bench and pic-nic easily. The location is 8 place de l’Abbé Larue.

Cool/Fresh Spots in Lyon in case of heatwave

For elder ones or just if you want to cool off, This is Lyon already uncovered a few spots for you!



Here are a few cinemas that display original versions:

  • Le Cinéma- Lyon (18 impasse Saint-Polycarpe)
  • UGC Astoria (31 Cours Vitton)
  • UGC Ciné Cité Internationale (80 Quai Charles de Gaulle)

Cinémascope 2021

During the summer, several movies is going to be projected in the open-air at Place Ambroise Courtois. It lasts until the 31st of August. Of course, the films are going be diffused under their original version.

Come feel the breeze while you cry at a romantic drama!



What’s better than dipping to cool off the heat, or relax after a long day? In Lyon, pools are here for that. You just have to respect covid restrictions and wisely choose your ideal spot.

If you need any information about where to swim and sunbathe freely in Lyon, you can check out our summer 2021 edition about it!