Reopening of Lyon’s pools: here is the 2021 summer edition

Published: 2021/07/02
Lyon’s pools have reopened on June 17th. What are the Covid restrictions this summer 2021? What are the opening schedules and how dear are the city-center’s pools?

A canicular period is ahead of us, unpack your swimming-togs! Since the public reopening of swimming pools on June 17th, Lyon is ready to welcome back its dwellers into fresh water all summer. Covid-19 restrictions are still up but rules are less strict than in 2020’s season.
Here are the city-center pools which have reopened their doors with different rules too: cheaper and longer stays. 

Covid-19 restrictions this summer

This is one of the delighting parts of the “déconfinement” package: swimming pools can finally resume their activities. Some pools in Lyon reopened a little earlier, but all of them definitely have on the 17th of June. 

As the sanitary situation is getting better, covid-19 restrictions are more relaxed: half of the usual effective for covered pools. In addition, showers and flips flops can be used (last year they were forbidden) but snack bars will stay closed. Besides, bring your bags because lockers are open to the public again. Face masks are mandatory in the building, especially up until the showers. And you have to respect a 2-meter distance between people.
Most of the pools slots have to be booked on the internet due to the pandemic.

However, this summer you will sunbathe a little longer: an average 4-hours-stay is authorized in all of Lyon’s pools, just make sure to not burn! The municipality also arranged the pools to open earlier in the morning in order to prevent the dreaded effect.

On average too, schedules go from half past 10am to 8pm. Finally, prices dropped to encourage the business: students under age 26, kids and unemployed pay 2.5€ their entrance and adults around 3.5€ each.

swimming pool near by the Rhône river in Lyon

Here are Lyon’s public pools and their details of reopening in 2021 summer:

Pools and details

Piscine de la Tête d’Or 

Parc de la Tête d’Or, 69006 Lyon
The city-center ephemeral pool is available again due to its success last summer. The space is huge: 2 000-meter square of synthetic grass. It is perfect for kids and grown-ups: separate pools are dedicated to them. The pool is uncovered.
Schedule: open from half past 12am, with slots of 3h15. 

Piscine Tony Bertrand

8 quai Claude Bernard, 69007 Lyon
Traditionally one of dearest pools of France, Tony Bertrand pool have reset its prices along with everyone. The facilities are well-equipped with bubble baths, playful river, “pantagliss” and other slides. The pool is uncovered.
Schedule: open from 10:30am-3pm and then from 3:30pm-8pm. Except Mondays: Noon-8pm.

Piscine Jean Mermoz

12 place André Latarjet, 69008 Lyon
Jean Mermoz is a traditional uncovered pool with slides for kids and a great water space, perfect to chill in simplicity.
Schedule: open from 10:30am-3pm and then from 3:30pm-8pm. Except Tuesdays: Noon-8pm.

Piscine de la Duchère

4 avenue Andreï Sakharov, 69009 Lyon
Piscine de la Duchère is perfect if you want to swim properly in a space dedicated to it. A diving board, paddling pool and a solarium are also available. The pool is uncovered.
Schedule: open from 10:30am-3pm and then from 3:30pm-8pm. Except Fridays: Noon-8pm.

Piscine de Gerland

353 avenue Jean Jaurès, 69007 Lyon
Gerland’s pool is known for its great water space: There is an Olympic and paddling pool plus a solarim. If you feel a little adventurous, you can jump from meters high diving boards. The pool is also uncovered.
Schedule: open from 10:30am-3pm and then from 3:30pm-8pm. Except Thursdays: Noon-8pm.

You can book all your reservations on the city’s official website: