New Traboules of Lyon’s Podcast

Published: 2021/07/15

The first Podcast for This is Lyon! Let’s discover Lyon’s traboules together on podcast for a lively experience. Based on our famous article about Traboules, we unveil together what these secret passageways are and how they forged the city’s rich history throughout the years. where are they located in Lyon? How do we visit them?

New This is Lyon Podcast

Put your earplugs on! This is Lyon introduces a new format. The Traboule’s podcast is one of the first of a long series about the secrets of Lyon. Mixing history and handy everyday tips.

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About Lyon’s Traboules

You can’t cross Lyon without visiting its famous landmark: the Traboules. In this episode, you will learn about intriguing anecdotes on the passageways that are so typical of Lyon’s landscape. From its creation in the 4th century to the nazi’s occupation, some tales will surprise you. I know it surprised me.

That way, you won’t be ignorant of their utility the next time you wander the streets of Lyon. The Traboule’s history will zig zag in your mind like they zig zag in the city.