Dive into the Retro World at Lyon’s 2023 Vintage Fashion Market

Published: 2023/09/20
Are you a fan of all things vintage and planning to spend your weekend in Lyon?
Well, we have the perfect event lined up for you! The much-anticipated “Marché de la Mode Vintage” is back, promising a weekend filled with retro vibes, unique finds, and a bohemian theme that celebrates the end of summer.
Let’s delve deeper into what awaits you at this vibrant event.


Lyon Marché Mode vintage: September 2023 edition


Step Back in Time: Discover the “Marché de la Mode Vintage”

Embarking on a journey back in time has never been more fashionable.
With the growing awareness towards sustainable living and changing consumption patterns, the allure of retro and vintage finds is only escalating.
The “Marché de la Mode Vintage” is your gateway to embracing quality, uniqueness, and conscious purchasing.

In this section, we will take you through the inception of this market, which started as an initiative by the University of Fashion in Lyon back in March 2001.
At a time when thrift stores and flea markets were not in vogue, the students foresaw the potential of second-hand fashion.

Fast forward to today, the event has blossomed into a haven for vintage enthusiasts, supported by the city of Lyon and attracting visitors from all over Europe.


Unearth Hidden Treasures: What to Expect at the Market

Are you ready to uncover “hidden gems” from the past?
The market is a treasure trove where you can find everything from luxury coats, precious jewelry, vintage denim jackets, to antique dishes and vinyl records.
With over 200 vendors specializing in fashion and decor, there is something for everyone, regardless of age, budget, or style.

But the market is not just about shopping. It offers a plethora of activities to keep you engaged throughout the weekend.
Prepare yourself for a series of exciting events including student fashion shows, dance performances, swing balls, and much more.

And don’t forget to enjoy the food trucks lined up along the Saône quay at La Sucrière, offering a delightful culinary experience accompanied by musical and festive vibes created by DJ sets.
So, gear up for a weekend filled with fun, creativity, and a strong sense of community.


Experience the Bohemian Rhapsody: The 2023 Edition

Bohemian lifestyle for vintage fashion lovers in Lyon, France


The 2023 edition of the market is set to take you on a bohemian adventure.
Scheduled for the 23rd and 24th of September, the event invites all vintage lovers to embrace a bohemian lifestyle that celebrates living in the moment and nurturing one’s artistic side.
This year, the focus is on natural materials and a return to authenticity, with a spotlight on floral patterns, cotton, and wool in fashion, and wood, bamboo, and rattan in home decor.

Practical Information

Before you set out to explore this vintage paradise, here are some practical details you need to know:

  • Date: 23rd and 24th September 2023
  • Venue: La Sucrière, 49 – 50 quai Rambaud, 69002 Lyon 2ème
  • Entry Fee: Pre-sale at 5 euros, On-spot entry at 6 euros

Join us at the “Marché de la Mode Vintage” and immerse yourself in a world of retro charm and bohemian vibes.
See you there!

More informations

Website: https://www.marchemodevintage.com/


Pre-sale at 5 euros,
On-spot entry at 6 euros