Groumpf Concert: A Musical Extravaganza at Ninkasi Kao, Lyon

Published: 2023/10/04
Attention, students and music aficionados of Lyon! The city is about to witness a musical spectacle like no other.
Mark your calendars for October 4, 2023, as the sensational band Groumpf is set to perform live at the renowned Ninkasi Kao.


Who is Groumpf?

Groumpf music band live in Lyon, France

© Photo via Groumpf’s FB page


For those unfamiliar with the name, Groumpf is not just a band; it’s an experience. Imagine four Beatrix Potter rabbits embarking on a wild journey reminiscent of Las Vegas Parano. That’s Groumpf for you – crazy, glittery, and unabashedly cheeky.
Their compositions are a testament to their uninhibited spirit, where the sole guiding principles are pleasure and experimentation.

Blending genres like electro, britpop, and madchester, and then drizzling it with a psychedelic sauce, Groumpf serves up a musical dish that’s irresistibly danceable. Their tracks are packed with catchy choruses and an abundance of love, so much so that you can’t help but groove to their tunes.
But what truly sets them apart is their electrifying stage presence. Their concerts are not just about music; they’re about energy, smiles, and letting go.

Why Attend the Concert?

If their description hasn’t convinced you yet, here are some more reasons:

1. Unique Sound: Their fusion of electro, britpop, and madchester, topped with psychedelic elements, promises a musical journey that’s both nostalgic and fresh.
2. Engaging Performance: Groumpf is known for their incredible energy on stage. They don’t just play music; they make you feel it.
3. Affordable: The best things in life are free, they say. This concert is one of them. However, ensure you [book your spot online]( to avoid disappointment.
4. Prime Location: Ninkasi Kao, is the perfect venue to enjoy Groumpf’s music.

Get a Glimpse Before the D-Day

Still on the fence? Check out this small teaser of what’s in store for you on October 4th.


Groumpf Concert @ Ninkas Kao – October 4th 2023

  • Adress: 267 rue Marcel Mérieux, 69007, Lyon


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