What's up Lyon?

Cool Things To Do In Lyon In May 2019

In Lyon, May means long weekends due to bank holidays and lots to do.

Accommodation in Lyon

Our Guide to Finding Accommodation in Lyon

Because it’s not very easy to find housing in Lyon as a student or an expat.

Lucy Vanel, Fresh Cuisine

The Best Recipe From Lyon

Discover French cuisine, local products, Lyonnais recipes, with Lucy Vanel. Originally from the U.S., she runs Plum Lyon Teaching Kitchen, and shares with you her best seasonal recipes.

What To Do This Week-End – May 23, 24, 25 and 26 2019

We have selected for you the best parties, concerts, and festivals throughout the town for the weekend.

Nuits Sonores 2019’s Best Free Events

Save some money and participate in these totally free events, run alongside the Nuits Sonores Festival.

Lyon’s Popularity Amongst International Travellers Continues to Soar

The number of train tickets to Lyon bought by international tourists over the Easter holidays increase by 59%, in comparison to the year before

women's football final phase in lyon

The OL takes over the Women’s World Cup

Out of the 24 current players at the Olympique Lyonnais, we will be able to see 15 during the FIFA Women’s Football World Cup in the different qualified national teams.

Lyon Féminin beat Barcelona Women to win Champions League final

Olympique Lyonnais win their fourth consecutive European title (4-1).

L’Établi – Contemporary and authentic restaurant in Lyon

Creative, fresh and contemporary French cuisine in the 2nd arrondissement in Lyon that embraces simplicity and sharing.

Lyon’s Rhônexpress Airport Shuttle Soon to Be Cheaper?

Lyon Metropole has announced its intention to renegotiate the contract for the Lyon airport shuttle in order to lower the prices.

Lyon’s Best Vegetarian and Vegan Eateries

There are more and more excellent vegetarian restaurants you need to check out in Lyon.

Is your child’s school polluted in Lyon?

More than half of Lyon’s schools are close to polluted zones, says Greenpeace.

Discover African Art at the Confluence Museum

Learn about some of Africa’s traditions and cultures by exploring its art at the Confluences museum.

Public Transport in Lyon for Newbies

This Is Lyon publishes its first Welcome Pocket Pass. A 20-page guide to getting by on public transit.

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