Discover Lyon: A Weekend Full of Activities (September 15-17, 2023)

Published: 2023/09/16
Embark on a journey to the core of Lyon this weekend! From vibrant musical gatherings and dance festivities to retail therapy sessions or activities that the whole family can enjoy, the city is alive with a variety of events to suit all preferences. Whether you’re a resident or a tourist, the city has something to offer for all.
Here is your handpicked guide to the premier events in the city.


European Heritage Days: A Cultural Dive


Lyon Journées du Patrimoine 2023


Journées Européennes du Patrimoine

Embark on a cultural journey as Lyon celebrates the European Heritage Days. This is your golden opportunity to explore the city’s rich history and vibrant culture.
Read our dedicated article: What to See During the 2023 Journées du Patrimoine in Lyon.

  • Date: 15-17 September 2023
  • Location: Various historical and cultural sites in Lyon
  • Entry: Mostly free


Family Fun: Activities for All Ages


THis Weekend in Lyon, France: Dance lessons

The Firefighters’ Museum opens its reserves located at the Carré de Soie

Celebrate European Heritage Days at the Firefighters’ Museum in Vaulx-en-Velin.
The museum is unveiling its collection at Carré de Soie, showcasing over 150 vehicles, including some vintage pieces.
Ideal for enthusiasts of large red trucks, the event offers workshops and activities.

  • Date: 17 September 2023, 10:00AM to 6:00PM
  • Location: Specific details to be confirmed
  • Entry: Free

Dance Lessons at Part-Dieu (from 6years old)

Get ready to groove with dance lessons at Part-Dieu.
Join the festivities of the Dance Biennial at Part-Dieu this Saturday, where the city transforms into a dance hub.
A guest choreographer will be hosting a dance class, offering a delightful break between your shopping sprees. This event encourages you to come as you are and enjoy a moment of pure fun.

  • Date: 16 September 2023, from 11:00AM
  • Location: La Part-Dieu, Lyon
  • Entry: Free

Shop ‘Til You Drop: Braderies and More

Grande Braderie de la Croix-Rousse

Indulge in a shopping spree at the Grande Braderie de la Croix-Rousse. Discover a plethora of items, from fashion to crafts, and snag the best deals in town.

  • Date: 16-17 September 2023
  • Location: Place et Grande rue de la Croix-Rousse, Lyon 4e
  • Entry: Free

Braderie des Gratte-Ciel

Experience the vibrant atmosphere of the Braderie des Gratte-Ciel. From shoes to jewelry, find a wide range of products at discounted prices.

  • Date: 16 September 2023, 9:00AM to 7:00PM
  • Location: Avenue Henri Barbusse, Lyon
  • Entry: Free

If you’re looking for sustainable options, the Pépite vide-dressing offers a range of second-hand items at affordable prices.

  • Date: 15, 16 & 16 September 2023
  • Location : Velcroc, Lyon 69006

Music and Arts: A Feast for the Senses


Trokson indie live music venue in Lyon France

Bad Frequencies at Toï Toï le Zinc

Get ready for a night of punk/rock music with Bad Frequencies at Toï Toï le Zinc. Experience the energy of Lyon’s new music scene.

  • Date: 15 September 2023, 8:30PM
  • Location: Toï Toï le Zinc, Villeurbanne
  • Entry: 6.5 euros

Oh, no! It’s DIVA + Panic Beach at le Trokson

Get ready for a riveting performance as Panic Beach, a Lyon-based group, takes the stage before the main act, Oh, no! It’s DIVA.

In 2021, amidst the pandemic-engulfed streets of Paris, a new musical force emerges.
The group, known as “Oh, no! It’s DIVA“, comprised of members also affiliated with bands like Cheap Riot and Mary Bell, ventures to reinterpret the essence of DEVO-lution music. However, in a bold divergence, they choose to disrupt rather than pay tribute, challenging the established idols and norms within the music scene.



Formed in 2021 by three long-time friends, Panic Beach brings an eclectic blend of musical styles to the audience, incorporating elements of rock, punk, and noise, with the distinctive addition of cello arrangements.
Their unique sound, influenced by a diverse range of artists including The Ex, Fugazi and Madonna, is characterized by a potent mix of groove, energy, and a touch of the unclassifiable.

  • Date: 16 September 2023, 8:45PM
  • Location : Trokson, Lyon 69001
  • Entry: Free

Bass Save the Queen

Mediatone, Candy Groove, and Phase host an event at the Jardin des Chartreux on September 17th.
This gathering promises a vibrant atmosphere with the beats of UK Bass, Drum & Bass, and Dubstep setting the tone.
Attendees can enjoy a range of amenities including food stalls, refreshing drinks, a vinyl shop, and energetic musical sets.

  • Date: 17 September 2023, 3:00PM
  • Location: Jardin des Chartreux, Lyon 69001
  • Entry: Free

S.Society at Le Sucre

Offering free entry for the first hour, Le Sucre is excited to introduce first-time appearances by the renowned DJ and producer Octo Octa, and Russel Butler who will be gracing the rooftop.
Crowd Control from the Happiness Therapy label will set the mood right with an electrifying warm-up. Expect music featuring genres spanning from UK garage and trance to tribal house and breakbeat…

  • Date: 17 September 2023, 6:00PM
  • Location: Le Sucre
  • Entry: 0/16€

Mur mur Street Art festival: September 2023 Lyon, France

Mur murs #1 Street Art Festival

Witness the power of street art at the “Mur murs #1” festival.
The Zoepolis collective presents the inaugural “Wall Murals #1” festival, a celebration of street art aimed at spotlighting the often overlooked non-human entities of our environment including flora and fauna.
Participants can anticipate a multifaceted event featuring exhibitions, workshops, and live performances, dispersed across three prominent venues: the “Maison de l’environnement”, Pilo, and Blast’Art.
Each location promises a rich itinerary of activities and inaugural events, fostering a platform where the invisible is rendered visible through art.

  • Date: 15 September – 16 October 2023
  • Location: Maison de l’environnement (Lyon 7th), Le Pilo (Lyon 1st), Blast’Arts (Lyon 9th)
  • Entry: Free


Whether you’re into history, shopping, arts, or outdoor activities, Lyon has something special for everyone this weekend.
Dive into the city’s vibrant scene and make unforgettable memories!