How to find Accommodation in Lyon, France

How to find accommodation in Lyon?

It’s not very easy to find accommodation in Lyon as a student or an expat because the demand for single or family housing exceeds the availability. So for your flat hunting, here is our housing guide in Lyon with a lot of good addresses and names of real estate agents.

Fears for Erasmus scheme after Brexit

The Erasmus scheme is celebrating its 30th birthday, but could Brexit mean the party is over for thousands of students? James Edgar reports from Lyon.

Crime book festival Quais du Polar 2017

Major event on the world map of the noir genre, 2017 Quais du Polar’s edition will focus on the main theme “Europe, from East to West”, and other topics.   This year, throughout this main focus, Quais du Polar will explore alternative or unknown territories of crime fiction: Germany, but also towards further East Romania, […]

The Albion, a classic English pub in Lyon, France

The Albion

The Albion is a nice authentic English pub and a great place to get together with friends. It’s a calm and relaxing place to have a drink in the early evening and becomes much livelier later on in the evening especially on weekends.

Nuits Sonores festival

Lyon’s international electronic music festival. Les Nuits Sonores is an electronic music festival held every year in Lyon during the month of May.