How to find accommodation in Lyon?

It’s not very easy to find housing in Lyon as a student or an expat because the demand for single or family housing exceeds the availability. And in France, you need a French guarantor who commits to paying the rent in case of financial difficulties.

So for your flat hunting, here is our accommodation guide in Lyon with a lot of good addresses and names of real estate agents.
If you’re only visiting the city for a break, we’ll help you find cheap housing, budget hotels, short term rental apartments, youth hostels, luxury hotels, guesthouses and home stays.

airbnb in st just in lyon 5

Airbnbs in Lyon: Where to Rent and at What Price

How to get the best value for location in a city of Airbnbs.

How to sell your property in Lyon: directly or with an agency?

Let’s compare the implications of selling directly with using an agency.

Is It Better to Buy or Rent a Home in Lyon?

To rent or to buy when you are an expat, that is the question.

Student accomodation in Lyon

How to find housing for students in Lyon

Everything you need to know about finding housing in Lyon when you are a foreign student. From public university residencies to private apartment.

Ten Things You Didn’t Know About the Lyon Property Market

This is a snapshot of the current Lyon property market however it’s a dynamic and fast-moving industry.

How to rent an apartment in Lyon

If you are looking for an apartment in Lyon, you will either go through a real estate company called “regie” or deal with the owner directly.

Everything you need to know about short-term rentals

Are you an expatriate? Planning your holiday? Travelling to Lyon for a few days on business? Short-term rental is the ideal solution for you!

10 reasons to invest in Lyon

Thinking about investing in Lyon but not convinced it’s worth it ? So read this guide. Lyon is without doubt a great place to invest in property, but you should hurry up before there are no opportunities left !

10 things to know before buying property in Lyon

Thinking about buying property in Lyon but don’t know how to go about it ? Here are some valuable tips about the local market and the city from our expert.

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