Video: my 5 best Hip-Hop artists from Lyon

Published: 2017/06/09

The 14 edition of the Original festival is scheduled to be held at the Transbordeur from June 22 to June 24. Big names of the International and national rap scene answered the call to be present for the biggest Hip-Hop event in Lyon.

From Médine to Mac Miller and includes artists as DJ shadow, this year the Original Festival put on the diversity of Hip-Hop.

For this special occasion, here is my own selection of Hip-Hop artists from Lyon that you cannot pass by.


Hokage Kamerboy

Between engaged lyrics and auto-production Hokage Kamerboy is rapper aged of 26 years old. Beat- maker, artist and interpreter he imposes his style of criticism of the society on futuristic type-instrumentals.

His deep text and his musical influences allow him to create his own universe that he does not hesitate to share actively to his entourage.

The rapper and political-law student considerate himself as a creator and declare that he don’t want to follow the rules neither from the rap game nor from the street or from every kind of trend.

« To be authentic you have to be yourself it’s the best way to represent where you came from », he said.
The rapper from Vaulx-en-Velin already has three solo project to his active including Ex-Machina available on the website Haute-culture.


The 21 years old revelation of the rap from Lyon Lcysta will be present at the Original Festival June 24 at the Transbordeur. A young rapper with a provocative style and sophisticated production Lcysta overflowing with energy and a fresh beats.

Tracy de Sa

Tracy de Sa is an English-speaker rapper from Lyon, well determined to impose herself on the Hip-hop scene of Lyon Tracy de Sa claims her belonging to the Hip-hop culture that she wants to put back to the taste of the day as an ambassador of the feminine rap from Lyon.



French Rapper from Lyon with a great self-mocking sense of humour Liqid has as real ability with the mic and an advanced writing skills. A worked style with production between funk and electro Liqid is a Hip-hop artist who is worth seeing.

JRR Omniflow

The new flavour JRR Omniflow is the revelation of the local rap scene. Raw language and shirt off videos clip the young rapper from Vaux-en-Velin do not mince its words. Sometimes violent with his texts our 19 years old artists indicated great writing skills and strong professionalism.




One thought on “Video: my 5 best Hip-Hop artists from Lyon

  1. Great selection to discover hiphop new artists from Lyon.
    Have you heard of Lutece?

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