Where to go for authentic Italian food and restaurant in Lyon?

Published: 2019/04/12

Discover two new Italian restaurants and epiceries in Lyon


Whether you’re craving some authentic Italian food or desperately want to discover new Italian restaurants in Lyon, look no further: Sapori di Casa and Tipico are your go-to places. Their offer ranges from home-made fresh pasta, burrata mozzarella from the south of Italy, mouth-watering charcuterie including Parma ham and pistachio mortadella,  lasagna, and of course, the classic Italian dessert, tiramisu.


Flavours from Piedmont at Sapori di Casa in Lyon 6

Chef at Sapori di Casa, Francesca decided to realize her dream of opening a restaurant in Lyon, famous for being the European capital of gastronomy.

Her main wish, together with her colleague Delphine, is to promote her home region of Piedmont, a hidden gem with a vast array of dishes to be discovered and enjoyed.

What to eat at Sapori Di Casa, Italian restaurant in Lyon?

After all, Piemonte is not far from Lyon: just on the other side of the Alps, its main city is Turin, but it is also the home of many fine wines from the Langhe region.

Sapori Di Casa, Italian restaurant in Lyon

Sapori di Casa’s homemade caserecce pasta with a cream of Pecorino cheese, red pepper coulis and rocket pesto.

A selection of Francesca’s must-eat dishes includes:

  • agnolotti del plin, a very small pasta (‘plin’ meaning pinched close- by hand!) stuffed with a mix of roast meats and verza (a variety of cabbage) or spinach
  • agnolotti del Piemonte, a type of ravioli stuffed with ham, veal and Parmesan
  • both served either in broth or with butter, sage and Parmesan.
  • margherite pasta with Taleggio cheese, pears, and hazelnuts, the best of the Piemontese local produce.
  • a recommended dessert is the ‘tortino di nocciole’ (small cake with Piemontese hazelnuts).


Fresh and daily made pasta at Sapori di Casa

All products are 100% Italian, including wines and beers, cheese and charcuterie from Piemonte, fresh pasta is made daily and available to order and take away.

Tagliatelle, pappardelle al ragu’, orecchiette, maccheroni, linguine, gnocchi, to name but a few shapes…

Don’t miss this cosy place, distinguished by its healthy and original dishes, created with a genuine passion for food, as chef Francesca says, who wakes up every morning at 6:30 to start making her fresh pasta, which is delivered to epiceries all over Lyon.

Sapori di Casa, 134 Avenue Thiers 69006,  open Mon-Fri 11:30 -18:30, Metro Line A/B: Charpennes

Lunch Menu: main + dessert: €15, 50 / main + caffe’ goloso: €17,80/ starter+main+dessert: €21,50


Convivial Italian eating at Tipico near La Martiniere in Lyon 1er

Moving on towards the quais, you will find Tipico, run by Simone and Alessandro who come from Como and Milan and who take great care in letting their clients discover typical charcuterie products, ranging from Parma ham to the less-known ‘nduja (spicy salami from Calabria).

Tipico, Italian restaurant in Lyon

Tipico, downstairs and upstairs dining area and épicerie corner


Tipico, home of the “pasta rosa”

A few dishes that they absolutely recommend are: carbonara pasta, lasagna, orecchiette with caponata (courgettes, aubergines, capers with tomato sauce) and scamorza cheese.

Or perhaps the recipe of Simone’s mamma, ‘pasta rosa’ : pasta with tomato sauce, cream, garlic, basil, and pancetta.

They like to serve the authentic recipes but also to serve them with a twist, such as: white lasagna with taleggio cheese, mushrooms and parmesan, truffle lasagna, or their amazing tiramisu with amaretti biscuits and Disaronno liquor, or with dark chocolate and orange.

All ingredients are very fresh and delivered straight from Italy, as are the products on sale. Why not snap up a jar of real tomato sauce or of pane carasau (Sardinian flatbread) for a special dinner?

Fresh pastas on sale at Tipico

Or grab some of the fresh pasta on sale (made by Francesca!). Other must-have products include grissini (breadsticks) and a spread made from 100% pistachio, to use with your desserts.

Products at Tipico, Italian restaurant in Lyon

Products from different Italian regions on sale at Tipico

Make sure to follow Tipico on Facebook and Instagram, as menus, recipes and special events are revealed weekly. Also, a loyalty card has just been launched for all returning customers, there are discounts and prize draws for clients who sign up, so don’t miss out!

Tipico is also available to book for private events and hosts Italian aperitivos every month, so you can get the best of both worlds: a Spritz and the chance to practice your Italian.


Tipico, 10, rue de la Martiniere, 69001, open Tue-Sat 10:30 – 20, Metro Line A/C: Hotel de Ville.

Lunch menu: starter + main: €14/ pasta + dessert: €14/ 3 courses: €20


Aperitivo in the sun

With the coming of spring, why not enjoy an aperitivo in the sun, as both restaurants have a ‘terrasse’.

Or, try something new: the weekly Apericena at Sapori di Casa which includes a buffet of starters, pasta, and desserts, accompanied by a drink of your choice.

Or grab a piadina with prosciutto and a lemonade from Tipico and sit on the quais for an unconventional lunch break. Both restaurants are soon reaching their first year since opening, who knows, keep your eyes peeled for any anniversary celebrations…

A very warm welcome, a genuine love for food and a care for their clients are at the heart of both Tipico and Sapori di Casa, which will magically transport you to Italy.

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