Place Bellecour, brimming with ideas

Every winter, a 55m-high big wheel comes to place Bellecour for several weeks.What better way to transform the giant screen found slap bang in the middle into a fairground.



“Songe forain” by Nathanaëlle Picot. Place Bellecour, Lyon.


Video designer Nathanaëlle Picot (Pixel n’Pepper) with Fairground Dream (Songe forain), whooshes you onto a roller coaster ride through the magical universe of sweet-filled carnivals, knife-throwers and houdinis, from yesterday until now.

It’s a graphic helter-skelter through the world of fairs, a world that might spring from the mind of Tim Burton.

Gilles Fourlet


Ideal if you want to start your visit around the centre of Lyon, this humungous square is at the very heart of the 2016 event with three other displays: the Roboticum robot musicians by Lighting Engineer Yves Moreaux, the metallic dinosaur by Romain Lardanchet, and Off Lines by photographer and performer Pierre Ranzini, displaying a geometric sculpture of 250 lines of light, swaying along to music.


Where to go next

Antonin Poncet takes off

On the banks of the Rhône river, its jetty offers an ideal spot to sup up the light which spirals around the four UFO-like masts of the Tony-Bertrand swimming pool.

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