The cathedral, stone by stone - Vieux Lyon

The illumination gauntlet of Saint-Jean Cathedral (15th century) has been taken up by La Maison Production, which received the Light Trophy in 2013, together with Yann Nguema, digital artist and musician in the group EZ3kiel.


In 2014, we asked a fashion designer to light up the cathedral. This time it’s a musical moment. We like to vary artistic expressions,

Jean-François Zurawik



Evolutions, by Yann Nguema. Saint-Jean cathedral, Lyon.


Black and white join colour and laser to tell the story of the cathedral, from stone to pixel. “All 12.300 stones from the front of the cathedral needed to be digitalised to be set in movement,” explains Yann Nguema who is taking part in the Festival of Lights for the first time.

This display will sail across the Atlantic in February for the Montreal Festival of Lights.


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