The antique theatre up in flames

To mark the 40th anniversary of the Gallo-Roman museum of Lyon, the antique theatre pulls out all the stops in its first light display.


The enormous stone steps serve as backdrop for a display of fire and light, illuminated every ten minutes, in homage to everything ‘flame’.


To get there, take the steep and cobbled Montée du Gourgillon, one of Lyon’s oldest streets, lit up by its inhabitants. And the traditional charity event Lumignon du Coeur (Night Lights for the Heart) will take place in the neighbouring amphitheatre, l’Odéon, on 8th December.


Incandescens, by Jerôme Donna and Simon Milleret-Godet. Fourvière, Lyon.


The aim is to decorate the steps with 30.000 night lights, making a giant luminous fresque as an ode to the Festival of Lights.


Just like the locals, you can get your hands on some night lights – a little candle in a glass jar – from official information points for 2 euros, as well as from the Tourist Information Office for the same price. The proceeds will go to the Not for Profit Electricians Without Borders which brings electricity to underprivileged households.


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