Expat of the Week: Kendrick from New Zealand

Published: 2017/06/24

“We love the Lyon lifestyle”


My name is Kendrick Lynn, I’m 34, married to Rebecca, have 3 children and come from New Zealand. I am a coach at LOU Rugby

Kendrick Lynn in Lyon


Where are you from and what are you doing nowadays ?

I come from a small beach town called Papamoa in New Zealand and now I am Backs and Skills coach at LOU Rugby

Why did you choose to move to Lyon ?

I was offered a contract to play rugby here about three years ago.

What attracted you to Lyon?

The club, I already had some friends living here who loved the life and recommended the city

What was your image of Lyon before you came here?

One of the larger French cities that was home of French gastronomy – close to the Alps, but also accessible to Paris and the South of France

What surprised you the most on your arrival?

The ease to get around the city – walk, bike, metro etc. We don’t have a lot of good public transport in NZ

Have you been able to adapt to the way of life here?

It took us a little bit of time to adapt to city living after coming from a small place in NZ but now we love the Lyon lifestyle

Has it been easy to make local friends and connections ?

Yes we have found the locals to be accommodating, we have made good friends both locals and expats living in the city

“With the likes of the Universities, the Vaccine companies and Interpol etc there’s plenty of opportunities for expats to live and work here.

Kendrick Lynn

How do you spend your leisure time?

Taking the kids to the various parks around our place or getting some flat whites at our local café’s.

What are your favourite local dishes?

I don’t mind a bit of saucisson de Lyon.

Where do you go for coffee, lunch, dinner, a drink?

For coffee, I go to Le Boite à café, Puzzle or Les Cafetiers. For lunch and dinner we love La Bijouterie or Le Potager des Halles. For a Drink: Lyon’s GastroPub

Your family is coming to visit. Where would you take them and what would you show them?

Parc de la Tete d’Or, up the Fourvière and finish with a meal at Les Halles

Your friends are coming. Where would you go?

Same places but finish at a bar!

What do you like most about Lyon?

Great food, great coffee and plenty to do for the family.

If you had a magic wand what would you change about Lyon?

I would put a beach within 10 minutes’ drive of the city.

Would you like to give any advice to people moving to Lyon?

Start learning French early!

Do you feel that Lyon is an international city?

For sure, with the likes of the Universities, the Vaccine companies and Interpol etc there’s plenty of opportunities for expats to live and work here.

What do you think about This is Lyon? In which way could our website be useful for you?

To help find out events and happenings in the city.

What do you think about French rugby -Top 14-?

It’s a long hard competition with an amazing history and fantastic supporters. And Lyon is on the rise..

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One thought on “Expat of the Week: Kendrick from New Zealand

  1. Good interview Kenny. I may visit Fr for semi and final of Top 14 if UBB are still going ok! My old club. Good luck to your boys, I read you have a few injuries. It would be great to meet in the final. I also love Des Halles de Lyon! Hope to see you in June.
    Regards, Dave Callon

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