Fujiyama 55, a good place to eat Ramen in Lyon

Japanese style-pubs or taverns, named Izakaya, can be found throughout the city of Lyon, but Fujiyama 55 is not your average Izakaya. Their roots started as a culinary passion project and has grown to serving some of the best ramen in Lyon.

By Christy Velasquez

A new Japanese restaurant in the up and coming Lyon seventh district

Fujiyama 55, a modern Izakaya, located on boulevard Jean-Jaurès, began their culinary journey at La Commune, a food hall located in the seventh district.

They officially opened their restaurant in late August 2019 and serve classic ramen flavors and traditional Japanese specialties.

Lunch in Fujiyama 55, ramen restaurant in Lyon

It was a Wednesday afternoon and I was with a friend wandering around Lyon’s seventh wondering where to grab lunch. A friend of ours suggested Fujiyama 55 and as soon as we saw their menu, we knew this was the spot to try.

Japanese ramen restaurant in Lyon

A beautiful wood installation at the Fujiyama 55 ramen restaurant in Lyon © Christy Velasquez

As you walk into the restaurant, your eyes gravitate to the beautiful wood installation running along the ceiling of the restaurant. The décor is clean, simplistic and modern. The ambiance has a casual feel and the menu is straightforward ramen.

Discover Traditional Japanese Flavors in Lyon 7th

For lunch, they have a “Formule Midi,” which includes an entrée and plat (an appetizer and a main dish). The appetizer consists of three pieces of pork or vegetable gyozas and for the main dish, you can choose from six varieties of ramen.

For our appetizers, we had the pork gyozas, which are Japanese dumplings filled with minced pork and vegetables wrapped in a light dough.

These were not your average gyozas, either. The dumpling dough was light and delicate with a nice pan-seared crust and a simple pork filling that packed a punch and will have you wanting more.

Gyozas from ramen restaurant in Lyon

Gyozas from Fujiyama 55 © Christy Velasquez

The fried rice was an added bonus. It was not part of the lunch menu, but our waitress was kind enough to let us order it. Perfectly executed, it reminded me of some of the best fried rice I have had in Los Angeles.

The rice was cooked just right with a balanced pork flavor and the crunch from the sliced green onions and diced pork added a contrasting texture. Authentic and flavorful, you can’t go wrong with this dish.

Tonkatsu Ramen, traditional Japanese soup

Now about the ramen! Tonkatsu ramen, a traditional Japanese ramen soup, you can find in every ramen shop and everyone has their version.

My ramen of choice was the Tonkatsu Spicy with a soft-boiled egg, which I highly recommend. The runny yolk of the egg adds a creamy element to the ramen.

Ramen at Fujiyama 55 restaurant in Lyon

Ramen from Fujiyama restaurant in Lyon 7th. © Christy Velasquez

The broth, typically made of pork bones and simmered for a really really long time, creates a depth in flavor that is bold yet mild at the same time. The spice level was at a minimum, but just enough to wake up the palate.

The chashu, Japanese pork belly, was so tender and thinly sliced, it practically fell apart when I picked it up with my chopsticks. The thin noodles which were swimming in the delicious broth still had a bite and the additional garnishes of green onions, minced pork, sesame seeds, and seaweed rounded out the bowl of deliciousness.


You can make reservations at Fujiyama 55 on La Fourchette and they speak English.


More informations

Monday – Saturday Lunch: 12pm – 2pm
Monday – Saturday Dinner: 7pm – 10pm
Sunday Lunch: 12pm – 2pm

How to get there?

From Metro Line D exit Saxe-Gambetta

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