Running for Translation

Published: 2017/10/04
The connection between translation and running might not be obvious right away. But find yourself amidst a pack of runners anywhere in the world and you’ll quickly see that sport – much like translation – is a great way to overcome language and cultural barriers.


Celebrating International Translation Day in Lyon

That is why the Rhône-Alpes delegation of the French Translators’ Society (Société française des traducteurs) chose to celebrate International Translation Day in an original manner this year, by participating in the 10km Run In Lyon event on Sunday, 1st October.

Happy runners from Rhône-Alpes delegation of the French Translators’ Society.

International Translation Day is celebrated yearly on or around 30 September, the date chosen in 1991 by the International Federation of Translators (FIT) to promote the profession worldwide.

The theme selected for 2017 was “Translation and Diversity”. And it was a diverse group of athletic translators – from France, but also Ireland, England, Canada and the United States – who signed up to run as part of Team SFT.


Running through the tube of the Croix-Rousse

While some were seasoned athletes, the race was a first for several participants, many of whom spent weeks or even months preparing for the event.

The race departed from Quai Tilsitt and headed south for about a kilometre before running up the other bank of the Saone, through the car-free tube of the Croix Rousse tunnel and back towards the finish line at Place Bellecour.

The SFT runners donned red and blue t-shirts designed specifically for the event and had personalized International Translation Day race bibs. After torrential rain on Saturday, the team was thrilled to find sunshine and ideal temperatures in Lyon on Sunday.


Translating to connect people

The weather was also perfect for a picnic as the SFT runners joined other members of the organization and their families after the race for a late lunch overlooking the Rhône River, Place Antonin Jutard.

While the smile on the face of each runner who crossed the finish line on Sunday was universal, international and intercultural communication is unfortunately not always that simple.

It is the work of translators and language professionals around the world to connect populations and foster peace, understanding and development, as well as to facilitate business and exchange more broadly.

International Translation Day was officially recognized in May 2017 by United Nations resolution 71/288. The Rhône-Alpes delegation of the French Translators’ Society is proud to have been part of celebrations held across France and around the globe.


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  1. Bravo to all SFT members who participated in the race! And thank to Jocelyne for the excellent article!

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