Mama Mia – we’ve signed up for the Raid Amazones !

Published: 2019/09/02

Every year I like to set myself a challenge….

For holidays I choose activities that allow me to explore new territories and take me out of my comfort zone.

One year it was crossing the Andes on a Harley Davidson, another year it was riding a Royal Enfield over the mountain passes of the Himalayas.

In 2017 it was cycling along the elephant trails in Botswana, Zimbabwe and South Africa to raise money for a rural education programme for children. This year I had to find something that would top all of that.

Training for the Raid Amazones

Training at PHYSICONCEPT in Lyon 6th district

The Raid Amazones, a multisport raid for women

The Raid Amazones is a multisport raid for women in teams of 2 or 3 that takes place in a different country each year.

It is also a charitable event that raises money for local causes and for the associations supported by each of the teams.

I began to hunt for the ideal partner and found Anna who is the manager of the LYINC (a private international club located on the Presqu’île).

We are both English speakers in Lyon and have a similar sense of humour. I was pretty sure our team would stand the pressure of this type of adventure.

We set up a training programme with PHYSICONCEPT in the 6thdistrict and signed up to the raid crossing our fingers that we’d be able to raise the necessary funds (7000€ subscription fee) before the cut-off date.

So far so good. We have found some great sponsors and 80% of our costs are covered.


All in a good cause

This year the Raid takes place in Vietnam and the event will raise money from the TV broadcasting rights to rebuild the roof of a school in Danang.

As proud residents of Lyon, Anna and I felt it important for our team to support a local cause. We have chosen Habitat & Humanisme for their work with the homeless and socially fragile communities in the city.

Training in Lyon for the Raid Amazones

“The views from Fourvière make the effort worthwhile and the facilities available are amazing”.

We love the quality and creativity of their programmes and have a particular desire to help them with the Escales Solidaires (a cantine which brings people of all ages and all walks of life together over a good hearty meal that costs just 2€)

We have set up a platform to raise money for the Escales Solidaires to which the Banque Populaire also contributes. For every euro given, the bank will also donate a euro up to 1500€ maximum. All donators receive a tax receipt to qualify for the 66% tax reduction.

“Lyon is a fabulous place for jogging, cycling and canoeing”

Getting into shape has been particularly challenging as we have to find time in our busy schedules to train together and we’re no longer spring chickens !

Training in Lyon for the Raid Amazones

Canoing at Miribel-Jonage

But it has to be said that Lyon is a fabulous place for jogging, cycling, and canoing. The views from Fourvière make the effort worthwhile and the facilities available are amazing.

Top class sports coaching with professional athletes (PHYSICONCEPT),  a multitude of clubs available for water sports at Miribel Jonage, and endless cycle paths taking you through superb countryside.

Over the next 6 weeks I’ll be keeping you posted with our progress and hopefully we’ll see you as we run, cycle or paddle along the Saône !

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