Four ways to find a second hand bike in Lyon at an affordable price

Published: 2018/01/04
Lyon is an ideal place to live and cycling downtown is pleasant: numerous bike lanes, flat areas (except the slopes of Croix Rousse) and nice, long stretches such as the « Quais du Rhône » or « Quais de Saône».


So, arriving in Lyon for studying or working…., you would like to get a bicycle but not spend too much money.

There are numerous options available to you depending on the season and the time you are willing to dedicate in looking for your new 2 wheels.

Second hand bike in Lyon

Bike second hand market in Lyon

Spring season is an ideal one for spending time in antique or second hand markets. Indeed, every year many second hand markets (named in France farfouille or brocante or vide grenier) take place in downtown Lyon.

For example, in October, you must absolutely visit rue Chevreul’s brocante where it is possible to find beautiful vintage pieces at attractive prices.

You can find your bike at a street second hand market

Vintage accessories (bike bags, bike bells…) are also usually available at this market. On top of this, the atmosphere is cool and friendly.

Please note, it is preferable to visit second hand markets early in the morning as the most beautiful bikes are usually bought quickly by collectors.

The listing for second hand market is available here.

How to sell your old bike in Lyon and find the perfect new one

In Lyon, as in other cities in France, there are regular sales and exchanges of bikes. These events are arranged by different associations and basically a wide range of bicycles are available : mountain bikes, city bikes, racing bikes and even child’s bikes.

As far as Velook, web site dedicated to second hand bikes, is concerned, the most interesting ones are in Villard les Dombes near Lyon (event organized by “Team des Dombes” generally in October) and in Lyon (Place Guichard, metro Line B) in June, organized by the Association Pignon sur Rue.

This is a good way for you so sell your old bike or find the perfect new one…

For knowing the next events, visit the agenda from Velook.

By visiting such markets, we would say that buying a second hand bike ready to use for around 100 – 130 euros is possible.

Bike on the Quais de Saone.

Contact local bike groups

As it is sometimes a bit restrictive to wait for a specific event, you can also contact one of the Lyonnaise Association promoting the bike. The most famous in the city are Pignon sur Rue or Le Chat percé. The purpose of these associations is to promote bikes, but you can come across opportunities e.g a member of the association who is about to sell his vintage bike…

Get your bike on the Internet

Lastly, the ultimate possibility offered to you is Le Bon Coin website, as many other items, ads for bike are numerous so do not forget to select your own criteria…

The prices tend to fluctuate with the seasons given that in spring and summer, prices can be very high.

Whatever the way used (internet, antique market, association…), before buying the bicycle, take your time and do not hesitate to ask questions to the seller. Obviously, you will never buy a bike if you have not tested it. Good luck.

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  1. As a student in Lyon i found my bike at Les puces flea market. I think it’s a great place to find a bike too.

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