Lery and Stephanie

Lery and Stephanie



We are a "Lyonnais" couple living in Paris for a few years. Just thirty, we are passionate about used bikes and especially vintage bikes since our studies in law and political science at the universities Lyon 2 and Lyon 3. Lawyer and auditor, we take a little of our time free to give advices on the purchase of used bikes in a blog, velook.fr, rewarded of "The talents of the bike 2017" by the principal french associativ movement of bike promotion.

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Four ways to find a second hand bike in Lyon at an affordable price

  So, arriving in Lyon for studying or working…., you would like to get a bicycle but not spend too much money. There are numerous options available to you depending on the season and the time you are willing to dedicate in looking for your new 2 wheels. Bike second hand market in Lyon Spring […]

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