“Ma Cimenterie” a New “Guinguette” on the Saône River

Published: 2019/03/24 by
A few minutes drive north from Lyon and footsteps away from the river Saône stands the “Cimenterie”, a former industrial complex and soon-to-be good times factory. We met up on the river – literally – to find out about the 2019 spring-summer season.


Ma Cimenterie 2019 Albigny Lyon ThisIsLyon

On location at *Ma Cimenterie* © Alain Rico

What is this place?

Located in Albigny-sur-Saône and built in the 1920’s, the 2 main buildings of the industrial estate manufactured cement-based products- plaster partition walls, and the such.

When it stopped operating it became a refuge for wild plants – and shady gatherings, according to locals. Naturally, it was also a meeting point for street artists and urbex photographers.

Urbex photography Ma Cimenterie Albigny This is Lyon

Inside *Ma Cimenterie* © Martin Wessely

What now?

A whole team of locals, some of whom would drive past the place on a daily basis, imagined how it could be put back to work.

The grounds and walls have a raw quality, a kind of charm. The river Saône, a stone’s throw away, brings it typical “guinguette” atmosphere.

Finally, the grounds are easily accessible by car (with parking facilities), public transport, and even by boat. With these basic ingredients, they imagined a very different future for the location.

Ma Cimenterie à Albigny sur Saône - This is Lyon

One of the 2 main buildings of *Ma Cimenterie* © Alain Guillemaud

Saison 1 de Ma Cimenterie à Albigny sur Saône - This is Lyon

Tasty Days & Crazy Nights

There will be food, there will be drink, there will be music, and our guess is, good people. There will also be theme related events such as a vintage car meeting and friendly pétanque tournaments.

Starting this April, Wednesdays and weekends will be packed – scroll down and hit the “Season 1” link !

Architecture Ma Cimenterie in Albigny sur Saône, outskirts of Lyon

An artist’s view of a reborn Ma Cimenterie

Architecture and urbanism are the foundations of the Cimenterie’s future

The Cimenterie: two huge buildings, with large stretches of land. This makes the Cimenterie an appealing canvas for architects and interior designers.

The first sketches are a feast for the eyes although some patience will be required.

All we can say for the time being it that 2020 will be a turning point- we’ll keep you posted.

On the subject of work in progress, we did suggest that they make their website more friendly for English speakers… we’ll (soon) see how that goes!


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