Join Arkane Studio in Lyon for it’s next game

Published: 2023/05/18
Looking to level up your gaming career? Look no further!
Arkane Studio, the renowned video game company based in Lyon, is gearing up for its exciting new project, and they are on the lookout for talented individuals to join their team.
With a reputation for crafting immersive and innovative gaming experiences, Arkane Studio is now recruiting for various positions across multiple disciplines.
Whether you have a passion for art, programming, design, or production, this is an exceptional opportunity to contribute to the creation of their next blockbuster.


Join a Legacy of Innovation and Excellence

Step into the realm of Arkane Studio, renowned for crafting critically acclaimed and groundbreaking games that redefine the gaming landscape. Become part of a legacy that continues to push the boundaries of interactive storytelling and immersive gameplay.
At Arkane Studio, you’ll be surrounded by passionate professionals who share your commitment to creating unforgettable gaming experiences.

Arkane Lyon’s First Project under Microsoft: A New Chapter Begins

Arkane Lyon, known for their acclaimed Dishonored franchise and the recent release of Deathloop, is now preparing for their next project.
While they provided support for Arkane Austin’s Redfall, Arkane Lyon has a significant history of delivering successful games. Dishonored showcased the studio’s growth and ambition, while Deathloop brought innovation to the shooter genre.

However, Deathloop faced complications due to Sony funding its development and Microsoft’s acquisition of Zenimax, the parent publisher of Arkane.

Despite these challenges, Deathloop eventually became available on Xbox platforms. Notably, the upcoming project will mark Arkane Lyon’s first game under the Microsoft banner, and after the mixed reception of Redfall, it is hoped that Microsoft will provide closer oversight and deliver on promised expectations.

With Arkane Lyon’s track record, anticipation is high for their future success under Microsoft’s guidance.



Nurture Your Skills and Unleash Your Potential

At Arkane Studio, your growth and development are at the forefront. The company is dedicated to nurturing your skills through comprehensive training programs, mentorship opportunities, and challenging projects. Gain invaluable experience as you work on ambitious games that contribute to your personal and career advancement. With Arkane Studio, your potential knows no bounds.

Job Opportunities at Arkane Studio:

Discover the exciting opportunities awaiting you at Arkane Studio in the vibrant city of Lyon. From its thriving gaming community to its rich cultural heritage, Lyon offers the perfect backdrop for you to unleash your creativity and leave your mark on the gaming industry.
Get ready to embark on a thrilling journey with Arkane Studio and become part of their legacy.

  • Animation Outsourcing Manager (Art)
  • Character Artist (Art)
  • Character Artist & Outsourcing Manager (Art)
  • Engine Programmer (Engineering/Programming)
  • Gameplay Programmer (Engineering/Programming)
  • Graphics Programmer (Engineering/Programming)
  • Level Artist (Art)
  • Level Designer (Design)
  • Lighting Artist (Art)
  • Motion Capture Operator (Art)
  • Producer (Production)
  • Production Director (Production)
  • Senior Animator (Art)
  • Senior Character Artist (Art)
  • Senior Technical Artist (Art)
  • Technical Artist (Art)
  • Technical Character Artist (Art)
  • Tools Programmer (Engineering/Programming)
  • VFX Artist (Art)