The Automotive World meets at the Geneva Car Show

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Geneva, cars, a big deal of lights and tech wizardry appeal to fans from all over Europe. The Swiss car show (March 7-17th) is engineered for lighting-quick start and consistent performance. Just a short drive from Lyon !

Assuming you are at all interested in cars, you’ve probably heard of the Geneva International Motor Show (aka GIMS). Actually, Lyon’s city buses and billboards have been advertising it quite massively, as you probably noticed.

Geneva International Motor Show starts on March 7

The event, opening its doors this year for the 89th time, showcases the most recent developments of the automotive industry. Since it is the closest to Lyon you’ll get (apart from, obviously, Lyon’s home car show), here is what to look for in Geneva (March 7-17th).

Geneva Car Show 2019

Who will be the new winner of the Car of the Year award at the Geneva International Motor Show

Photo credit: GIMS

If you are fond of brands such as Ford, Volvo, Hyundai, Jaguar, Land Rover and a few others, we’ll save you some time: they won’t be showing up this year.

However, you will be greeted by the brand new winner of the Car of the Year award, along with the newest Peugeot 208, Cupra Formentor, Audi SQ5 and Q4 e-tron, along with all there their competitors from all over Europe, Asia and North America. More than 900 cars are exposed and 150 world and European premieres are announced.

That will be more than enough to keep visitors busy and entertained for a whole day, or even more !

Dreams and concepts at the Geneva International Motor Show

Mainstream carmakers will be experimenting with funky designs, luxury brands will be showing off, high tech companies (large and small) will give a taste of the future of transportation.

In troubled times for those who still enjoy individual transportation, events such as this 2019 GIMS still hold their ground. The Swiss sure know how to please the car-loving crowd, so be sure to check it out ! And why not share your feedback with your fellow petrolheads?

2019 Geneva International Motor Show
The official 2019 GIMS poster

Find out more on the GIMS website

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