Nuits Sonores 2019’s Best Free Events

Published: 2019/05/26

Our selection of the best free Events at the 2019 Nuits Sonores

Every year, alongside the headline Nuits Sonores events, Extra! hosts several free events. Read This is Lyon’s selections of the best ones!

Nuits Sonores runs free events across the city. ©Gaetan Clement

Le French Karaoké, 28th May 6pm-9pm, 27 rue Bouteille, Lyon 1

A karaoke where our favourite tunes from 2000s pop culture are translated into French – from Britney to Beyoncé. Practise your French and sing along to your favourite songs!

Les Sales Gosses, 30th May 12:30pm-9pm, 11 rue Père Chevrier, Lyon 7

Come along for a dodgeball tournament, easy maths problems, marble games against the clock, to name just a few. Go back to your school days and have more fun than you ever did at school!

Nuits sonores 2018 in Lyon

Nuits Sonores Extra! Bass Save The Queen in 2018. © Gaetan Clement.

Resis’Dance, 31st May, Place des Célestins

Resis’Dance brings together three different dance genres, that share a common background: charleston, house, and hip hop. Not normally combined with one another, but they share a similar history as marginalised dances. No matter your colour, gender, or sexual orientation, head over to the Place des Célestins to express yourself and get involved with the dancing. There’ll be initiations and a dance with an orchestra.

Skate the Turntables 2, 2nd June 3pm-9pm, Skate-park Blandan, Lyon 7

Calling all skateboard fans! Come down to Blandan Park on 2nd June to show off your best tricks, watch others, or take part in initiations. The skateboarding will be accompanied by lots of music – with DJ sets from various genres – disco, funk, and world music!

Le Hammam Disco, 30th May 1pm-9pm, a secret location

The most chilled of the Extra! events – mixing the relaxation of hammam with music.