Nuits Sonores 2019-Six Days of Electronic Music in Lyon

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Electronic Music Festival in May

Nuits Sonores – the festival at the heart of Lyon’s music scene – is back from 28th May until 2nd June 2019. There’s a lot of change this year – don’t miss out.

Watch electronic music every night over the Nuits Sonores festival.

By day, by night

Nuits Sonores has been around for 17 years – a cornerstone of Lyon’s music scene. Nuits Sonores is an electronic music festival open to more than just hardcore music lovers.

Of course, electronic music nights are more suited to energetic music lovers. But the festival balances this with their day events, which include more relaxed settings for music performances and even intellectual debates.

Seven Venues

Nuits Sonores 2019 takes place across seven venues – the former factories at Fagor-Brandt in Lyon 7, La Sucrière, Le Sucre, and Lyon’s auditorium, Hôtel71, H7 and Station Mue. H7 is a new venue for this year, host to the European Camp programme.

What’s On This Year?

  • As always, you can listen to electronic and pop music every night at the abandoned factories of Fagor-Brandt in Lyon 7. This year’s line-up is even more varied than previous years. Artists include maker of house music/pop artist Flavien Berger, techno band I Hate Models, electronic artist The Black Madonna, pianist James Blake, and the well-known performer Charlotte Gainsbourg. Other artists include psychedelic musician and Tunisian artist Deena Abdelwahed, and afro-techno musicians Nihiloxica.
  • The European Lab Camp at H7 will give visitors the opportunity to engage in debate. There will be round-table discussions, broadcasts, workshops and performances, all concerning the topic of Europe’s shared future. Arty Farty has been organising discussions on the topic for several years and this year decided to combine the European debate with the Nuits Sonores music festival. Taking place just a few days after the European elections, the meeting will allow for reflection on the outcome, along with discussion of protesters’ wishes for Europe and the question of tackling fake news.
  • A day ran by British hip-hop artist Bonobo, in which he invites some artists to perform. Another ran by house artist Peggy Gou, another hosted by dance music artist Maceo Plex, and another by DJ Lena Willikens. All of these day events will take place at La Sucrière.
Nuits sonores 2019

Nuits Sonores 2019 main stages at Usine Fagor (Lyon 7)

A Treat for the Ears… and The Eyes

As always, Nuits Sonores is just as interested in the stage design as they are in the music. The lighting design of this year’s Nuits Sonores is based on the theme of panorama, serving as a backdrop to the variety, or panoramic picture, of artists at this year’s festival.

The new scenography will be seen in the disused factories of  Fagor-Brandt for the nighttime events.  The DJ stage will be closer to the dance floor and there will be plenty of innovative visual effects. Magic Square will adorn the hall with intertwined LED lights to create a maze of immersive light waves.

The daytime settings will also be new this year, including a new layout at La Sucrière, and more . 

More information

Price information :

Tickets range in price, but there are several passes. A night and day pass with access to days 1, 2, 3 and 4 and to nights 1, 3 and 4 costs 164.€ A  pass with access to days 1, 2, 3, and 4 costs 80€, whilst a night pass to nights 1, 3 and 4 costs 96€.

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