Climbing in Lyon

Lyon could very well be called the French capital of climbing thanks to its unique set of locations in and around the city. Indoor and outdoor, for beginners (even kids) or competitors, we’ll sort you out with this guide to climbing facilities in and out of Lyon.
outdoor rock climbing in the French alps: Lyon, France

Outdoor rock climbing on a natural cliff nearby Lyon

Indoor climbing walls in Lyon

Never mind the weather, climb all you want ! If you think that you’ll have a hard time finding a place to do so, well, you’ll be surprised. Practically each neighbourhood has its own climbing facility – just scroll down, we’ve already listed a dozen for you.

Lyon indoor sport: boulder climbing in Lyon

Indoor climbing in Lyon France

Boulder climbing in Lyon

Some might say that they don’t enjoy testing their fear of heights ; others could argue that they don’t want to purchase all the gear at once. Does this feel familiar? It does to me – on both counts. A few years ago, I started in a boulder climbing gym, a soft-floored space where you simply climb on small structures without the use of ropes or harnesses. Just grap a pair of sneakers and give it a try !

boulder climbing gyms in Lyon

Boulder climbing in Lyon

“Size matters” – the largest climbing venues in Lyon

If your quest is a thrill-seeking performance that requires large amounts of vertical space, look no further. The highest of highs? Climb’Up Confluence (aka Azium), located inside the Confluence shopping center features France’s highest climbing wall, a 22 meter challenge. Another major meeting point is Climb’Up Gerland (formerly known as Le Mur de Lyon). This climber’s cathedral, with 2500 square meters of walls and ceilings, has been for many years France’s largest indoor facility.

Climb'Up Gerland the largest indoor climbing wall in Lyon, France

Climb’Up Lyon Gerland

Climbing with kids

The younger they start, the better ! Climbing is a natural instinct for little ones, as well as a safe, non-traumatic way to get them moving. Many climbing facilities even arrange dedicated spaces for kids, with playground-like boulders, special equipment and colourful, custom designed tracks.

Fun climbing in Lyon with kids - indoor climbing French Alps

“Fun climbing” for kids

Outdoor climbing, in and around Lyon

Most experienced climbers will tell you that indoor climbing is merely a substitute for the real thing, outdoor climbing on natural cliffs and boulders. If you feel like giving that a try, the choice of locations is practically overwhelming and you don’t necessarily have to drive and walk for hours. You could get in touch with experienced guides such as Equilibre Vertical who will pick you up in the center of Lyon, provide transportation, gear and precious advice. You could also try Via Ferrata or acrobranche (climbing in trees), a fun day out for kids and adults. And finally, we can’t legally advise you to try urban climbing… but we must admit it gives some stunning pictures !

Urban climbing in Lyon, France

Urban climbing in Lyon, France

Need gear – or more info?

Naturally, a number of shops will provide equipment and advice for all the above. We’ll keep you posted on our favorite places for climbing gear, and please write to us with your own tips if you wish ! In the meantime, if you feel like browsing for information in French, we advise you check out, a very useful resource.

The Best climbing Walls in & around Lyon: