Gardens of l'Antiquaille, Fourviere district - Festival of Lights 2017

Every year, the Festival of Lights gives students ‘carte blanche’ to experiment with light.

This year, they are grouped together in the gardens of l’ Antiquaille, in the Fourvière district.

The students and young creators come from the Grands Ateliers de l’ Isle d’Abeau, the University of Lyon-III, and the University of Leipzig in Germany.

You can witness the students projections on the fronts of the Saint-Pothain student residence.


Antiquaille area during Lyon festival of Lights 2017

“Dos dos”, student artwork for Lyon Festival of Lights 2017



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the Roman theatre #FDL2017

Composer and director Damien Fontaine, (a regular at the Festival of Lights) is an International Artist, who has been inspired by Hindu legend -“Balaha”, which tells the tale of a mythical horse escaping from the stars.