Where to Watch FIFA Women’s World Cup in Lyon

Published: 2019/06/07

With the FIFA Women’s World Cup approaching, it is essential that you know where to go support your team if you could not get tickets to the stadiums. To get as close as possible to the feel you get in the field and also to meet new people, bars are the best spot to find fellow football fans. Note that no fanzone is planned, so to the bars it is.


We selected these bars as sure places where you can follow the Women’s Soccer World Cup. For games with less high profile teams, don’t hesitate to give the bar a call to be sure you’ll be able to see your favorite team.  



For a complete immersion in the Pubs


Typical Irish pub in the Old Town of Lyon, the Fleming’s offers a huge screen with sound. Although you might not hear the commentaries over the general noise, it’s nice to have them if there are tricky points or fouls.

2 Rue de la Loge, 69005 Lyon
M Vieux Lyon/Hôtel de Ville
09 83 06 82 47


Wallace Bar

Key pub in town, the Wallace is always a good idea game night or other plans. The food and the drinks follow the British tradition between whiskies and fish&chips. But with the competition approaching, it’s even a better mix. They already planned to show most of the games and the full program is on their website.   

2 Rue Octavio Mey, 69005 Lyon
M Vieux Lyon/Hôtel de Ville

04 72 00 23 91



This is the perfect opportunity to get the pub experience while enjoying a proper game of football. Right next to the Opera, you’ll be fully immersed in a typical Irish Pub. Also, they are planning to show most of the games.

12 Rue du Griffon, 69001 Lyon
M Hôtel de Ville
04 78 72 51 68


Johnny’s Kitchen

Home of the French-Irish Association, this authentic pub offers everything to have the closest experience of a true Irish Pub. True to its tradition to show a lot of different sports games, they plan on showing all the games of the competition. And remember to wear your team’s jersey, they mentioned a discount for those wearing one.

48 Rue Saint Georges, 69005 Lyon
M Vieux Lyon
04 78 37 94 13




If you’d rather not go to a Pub

The Carousel Bar by M

In the center, and inside of the Mercure Plaza at République, this bars plans to screen all the games of the competition. The space allows you to enjoy the game and carefully curated cocktails. Just be careful, it seems closed on Sundays.

5 rue Stella, 69002 Lyon
M Bellecour /Cordeliers
04 78 37 50 50


The Eden Rock Café

A rock’n’roll bar where live music meets beer. When they are not transformed in a concert hall, the bar screens football games on a big screen. You can then enjoy your game with a good beer and a fine burger on the weekends.

68 Rue Mercière, 69002 Lyon
M Cordeliers
04 78 38 28 18


Ninkasi Guillotière

Not only do you get the nice view, the locally brewed beers but you can also follow along the Women’s World Cup with their three screens. Be careful, they only planned to show France’s games. If this one is not in your favorite neighborhood, be sure to check out Ninkasi Gerland. They have up to twelve screens.

2 Place Antonin Jutard, 69003 Lyon (Guillotière)
M Guillotière
04 78 95 04 95



As beer and football always seem to go together, the Hopper is a great combination. The variety of their beers is surprising. The mood is always light and the cheese and meat platter are a great addition. They also plan to show the games, but never hesitate to give a call for lesser promoted games!

43 Cours Gambetta, 69003 Lyon
M Saxe-Gambetta
04 78 60 16 21


Bryan’s Café

Easily situated in Villeurbanne, most of the customers are locals looking to watch a game and grab a beer. This offers a true local experience while supporting your favorite team during the competition. The burgers and terrace might convince to turn this in your new hotspot.

60 cours Emile Zola, 69100 Villeurbanne
M Charpennes
04 72 74 25 09